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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by NOTRABOFO

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Nov 1, 2010

I dare Iona to hang only by her tits next time. She's a wild one! Love her!

Sep 22, 2010

My favorite too! Can jasmine do another please!!

Public Disgrace
Jul 26, 2010

I love Katie Kox and she becoming more beautiful with every shoot. I play that she and Cassandra will have a tit hanging competition. Porn has never been more exciting!

Public Disgrace
Jun 9, 2010

Katie is so hot now. I cannot wait to see her doing Public Disgrace. She and Cassandra should have a public tittie tug-o-war attaching pull chains to their nipple rings. I would love to see them both hanging by their boobs at a biker meet or some rowdy venue. Katie I love you!!

Jun 6, 2010

Outstanding! More tit hanging! Love to see a tug-a-war with pierced nipples. Maybe Cassandra and Katie. Love to see what Cassy will do next. In public I hope!

Public Disgrace
Jan 11, 2010

Katie is a dream girl. She is beautiful and loves adventure. I can't wait to see what she does next to that gorgeous body of hers. Go for it Katie!!

Wired Pussy
Nov 16, 2008

For a future Public Disgrace I would love to see Jasmine perform a pony girl exhibition in a public place. With her arms strapped tightly behind her back, she trots about in a public plaza wearing full pony girl harness, boots and ball gag. On her nipples she wears black pasties with long tassels that whip every which way as she throws her spectacular breasts in circular motions achieving maximum lift and pounding.

Public Disgrace
Nov 3, 2008

Princess Donna - will you please post the outtakes and footage of Jasimine flashing in public? We want to see more of her.

Public Disgrace
Oct 24, 2008

Great shoot. I love Jasimine and hope to see her on other websites soon. BTW - where is the scene where she flashes her boobs to oncoming traffic? The one in the promo?

Public Disgrace
Dec 7, 2007

Berlin, you are so hot. I can't wait to see the next few days. I pray that you have your nipples pierced again and that you show us some full boob suspension!!! You're the hottest!

The Training Of O
Dec 7, 2007

Rachel is one of my favorite porn stars so its great seeing take the leep into bondage. I love her pierced nipples and beautiful smile. Next time more serious boob punishement please.

Whipped Ass
Nov 14, 2007

I love Berlin. She my kind of woman. Takes a licking and keeps on kicking. Can't wait to see her beautiful boobs all bruised and battered while she boinks some horny guys. My dream is to see her pierced and tattooed titties stretched to the max as she hangs by her tits for an audience of letcherous jerk offs who take turns fucking her.

The Training Of O