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Comments made by holyfrog

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Aug 26, 2008

Wow! This was the best update. I love vocal women. I loved when she was standing over the Little Guy and her hand was shakeing it showed the intensity of her orgasm. Thank you Dia for letting us watch you hope to see you alot more on Kink.

Fucking Machines
Jun 8, 2007

I love when you strap the women down like this. It leaves their ass and pussy wide open to do whatever you want to them.

Sex And Submission
Jun 8, 2007

Big tits, big lips, and big nips. What more could you ask for?

Sex And Submission
Jun 1, 2007

The shots of Regan squating are great. I love her tits. You have hed alot of big titted women on lately I love it.

Sex And Submission
Nov 20, 2007

Oh Hell Yeah! That is what I said when I saw an update with Seven. There are many great women on Hogtied but no one looks as good as Seven in a gag. I would be happy if all the updates had Seven in them. She is absolutley beautiful.

Sep 11, 2007

Eva is smokin' hot. I love her tits. This shoot gets an extra 5 points for Claire. We don't get to see her or her pussy rings enough. She is one of my favorite dommes.

Wired Pussy
Mar 17, 2007

holy shit seeing sandra put her hanhs in delilah's ass like that was fuckin' cool

Whipped Ass
Feb 14, 2007

7C3E6885_RT8 is a fantastic pic seeing her huge pussy lips open like that is so hot. I love the color of her pussy lips. I would love to suck on those lips thy are the most amasing lips I have ever seen.