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Comments made by tcapone

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Nov 18, 2004

nothing really made me hard watching this video.

Men In Pain
Jun 18, 2004

they got her on the roof top

Whipped Ass
May 6, 2004

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Whipped Ass
Apr 15, 2004

very good once again, this girl is wonderfull. we would like to see u, Chanta, tying her completly, no scene cut : a girl struggling against u while you tie her is SO SEXY !!!!

Whipped Ass
Sep 9, 2003

it was great !!! i loved the boot worship and the spiting !!! nice work !!!

Whipped Ass
Aug 30, 2003

i prefer princess kali and more foot worship.

Whipped Ass
Aug 20, 2003

Nice work !!! foot worship was great !!! Nice job Chanta and Jenni !!!

Whipped Ass
Aug 14, 2003

oooo this shit rox!! I want to see much more lez domination/humiliation! It's even better if the subfem tries to resist or seems squicked but gets plowed neway. The subfem should serve her domme tho and be made to lick. !!GREAT JOB WITH NICE MODELS!!

Whipped Ass