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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by slaveboysmith

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Sep 30, 2013

Okay when is her next scene!? Please don't make us wait. More Aubrey is what we all want. God she is spectacular!

TS Seduction
Jan 31, 2012

Oh my god I've been watching more and more of this scene and I have to say Danni your cock is so damn perfect! I want to suck it until you throb and then feel it slide inch by inch into my ass bareback. God you are so hot!

TS Seduction
Jan 28, 2012

While I love femme ts girls like Mia Isabella and Yasmin (god who doesn't?), every once in a while a more masculine ts like Danni really gets me going. That cock is so inviting and the contrast of the smooth curves and sexy tits with that rock hard huge cock and masculinity is what turns me on so much. Danni I'd be your ass slut any day of the week. You and Yasmin can share me :)

TS Seduction
Jul 22, 2011

Mia and Yasmin together having one guy to share? My god that guy will be completely overwhelmed! Where can I sign up? I know I'd never be the same after an encounter with one of them let alone both of these TS Goddesses.

TS Seduction
Aug 30, 2010

I'm sure every member watching this scene agrees...we need Ms Kim added as a regular for this site. She's absolutely stunning and so seductive in the way she controls her slave.

Divine Bitches
Aug 25, 2010

I have mixed feeling on this one. I loved it don't get me wrong. The intensity was amazing! But I've adored and worshipped Maitresse Madeline for a long time and to watch the ultimate woman be broken down was something to behold. This is my first time seeing Princess Donna in action and she was incredible. Watching her completely degrade and break Maitresse was the most erotic scene and watching her hurt and make Maitresse beg and cum like a common whore was all the more compelling. I'm sure Maitresse could bring me to my knees in an instant but Princess Donna you are my new Queen. Superior to the woman I never thought could be broken in my eyes.

Whipped Ass
May 23, 2009

Kelly if that's you working not at your best then I can only imagine how much your best must sizzle. By the way I'm married but you being single makes me wish I wasn't! You're gorgeous.

TS Seduction
Apr 11, 2009

Jesse no other woman or TS compares to you! You are pure erotic desire and every fantasy a man can handle. I'm in awe of your every performance and can only wish to be on the receiving end of your seduction some day.

TS Seduction
Jun 14, 2008

With all due respect to other transexuals on this site or anywhere else, Jesse is in a class all on her own. Please give us more and more of this perfect Goddess and Jesse if you read this please marry me, enslave me or do anything else you want as long as it involves me sucking that beautiful cock of yours and giving you my ass on demand!

TS Seduction