hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Sep 12, 2006

She shakes my nerves and she rattles my brain. Her kind of love leaves a man insane. She broke my will –oooh, what a thrill! Goodness, gracious! This girl's on fire! I have never in my life seen a girl so naturally beautiful win three Oscars simultaneously: Two for orgasms and one just for Omigod!!! Her blazing gray eyes, her pure animal lust, her lithe body, her pouting lips, her flashing teeth, her impossible gyrations, her genuine orgasms, her shock, her surprise, her delight, her moans, her little screams. And that Manchester accent! That's why there will always be an England. Holly is truly a Spitfire to Chris' s Messerschmitt. Wikid? Hell, it's magnificent!

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