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Comments made by winsom

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Feb 15, 2004

God Movie, but i like to see more latex in future movies

Whipped Ass
Feb 3, 2004

MMMMMMMMMMM DOes her pussy smell good?

Whipped Ass
Jan 9, 2004

Yes, I like the reality aspect of scenes. if its bondage the sub shouldn't look like they are enjoying it. Facial expressions and acting can make an OK scene into a good one. My favouite locations are those dirty dungeons with big iron chains and prison cell doors. This is quite good though. Try more humiliation. You could make out that the dom is getting revenge on an ex-school bully or something. If she's forced to lick her shoes, make it look like the sub is being totally degraded in having to do that. I know it's expensive, but 2 doms on one sub are always good !! Anyway, I quite like this. Good feet scenes.

Whipped Ass
Dec 12, 2003

i like the idea of having a clothed dom and a naked sub in some of the scenes. it makes the submissive look more submissive ! Would work well in one of your classroom scenarios- or an interrogation scenario. And while I'm writing, can we have some more dungeon/medieval type stuff please ?

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