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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by Vidman357

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Oct 14, 2004

I have to say...I am amazed. Shannon, you are truly a beautiful woman, both inside and out. I love the expression you put into your time on this site, and how you let yourself go with Chanta. It was easy to see how thoroughly you enjoyed yourself. One suggestion--if you tie another person to the sawhorse--and I expect you will--how about setting up a flow under her, against her pussy and ass, possibly directed forward for a different stimulation against those sensitive areas?

Water Bondage
Dec 4, 2006

Personally, I enjoy these updates. This is a site about what goes on behind the scenes of these types of sites; it gives more of a story of what happens besides the on screen domination. Keep up the good work, folks! Just because it isn't what they are interested in, doesn't mean it isn't a good shoot.

Behind Kink
Sep 10, 2006

Wow....I always knew you were a flexible girl, Claire...this just proves it again for me. Congratulations on working with Mr. Gord...the man is a genius, and perfect for restraining a girl who loves it--like you!

Behind Kink
Jun 26, 2006

I've noticed in the past two shoots that the numbering of the files isn't the same. For instance, the vids in this shoot all start with 3709, the shoot number, but the pics all start with 3737. Was that an oversight or confusion on set numbering? Great shoot, though!

Whipped Ass
Apr 15, 2006

personaly, I like them this size--a greater bitrate than the streams, which means not as much of an issue if your puter burps. keep it up!

Behind Kink
Apr 9, 2006

A lot of complaints for someone who is receiving the benefits of other's ideas and work. Don't like it? Make your own and prove you know better--not just say so. Personally, I don't know better--I'm just glad this site continues to bring in the situations and depictions it does.

Sex And Submission
Apr 1, 2006

Ye gads, some people are too picky. Most comments I've seen in here so far have been complaints! Isis, thank you for your continued good work, and enjoyment of the games you play. I for one, love the image you present...and only wish my wife were as willing to play these games!

Sex And Submission
Mar 25, 2005

As I see it, this site will probably be a money maker for two reasons--not too many sites have the submission and sex combined as you do here; and because you are playing out the sub's fantasy, in essence letting her dictate what the scene will be. Her response to the effectiveness of the fantasy as played out will be the real test; if she isn't happy with the feel she gets out of the roleplay, the whole scene will suffer. Using lifestyle couples as suggested earlier will help eliminate some of that risk, as they know each other better than those who are put together by a casting team. Using a dom suggested by the sub would be best--hire out if you have to--to get the effect that the sub wishes. This is a site I would join, if only to see the fantasies that some of the models we enjoy so much have. After all...they show us our fantasies, can we not watch theirs as well?

Sex And Submission
Mar 25, 2005

Overall, I believe this site--as presented with this series as a baseline--would serve to generate a few more customers that are satisfied with the product. Whether that number would be sufficient to the cost is debatable at this point--there was latex, but to a person used to Gord stories or to FetishNation's website, this was lacking. Care would have to be take not to appear just like FN, but at the same time, this site should actually go back and forth between females in latex to males in latex, mixing and matching the Dom/mes with the particular orientation of the sub for that shoot--but focusing entirely on females in latex leaves an entire segment of the population out in the cold. I noticed that you are looking for someone to direct gay members to your membership; using the male/male setup would help with that some, though as a straight man myself I wouldn't want to see it all the time. Varying the orientation setup each week would help with that I think--just keeping it varied so that the same thing isn't occurring every update would be best. Test Shoots
Mar 25, 2005

Ah, the vacuum bed. Properly done--as this scene was--it can be an amazingly intense bondage predicament. The clear plastic left no doubt that there was indeed a woman in there, instead of a blow up doll; at the same time, you could almost see the tension in her body as the various sensations unfolded upon her latex-covered skin. The only things that would have made this scene better in my opinion would have been watching her go into the bed--about 3 pics would have been sufficient--and the resulting scene as she came back out of the bed when she was done, though that would require a few more pics--along the order of 5 to 10--to capture the closeup of her face as she is unzipped, and the resulting trembling that usually accompanies a session in this form of restraint. Test Shoots
Mar 25, 2005

This particular scene, in my mind, was well thought of--if not well thought out. When I see a woman bound as she is, I don't expect her to be given orgasms by a vibrator. I do expect to see her either getting eaten out by another slave--female or male doesn't matter, though female would be my choice (Bound with arms behind back, nipple clamps or chains from nipple rings holding her face close to the bound woman's crotch). Possibly at the same time eating out a female, who would be stimulating the eating slave to further excite the bound woman if she were to falter in pleasing her mistress while being stimulated herself. This also would be a good scene setup to have a male bound into, forced to keep himself erect--without orgasming--while receiving a blowjob from a slave and eating out his mistress. Test Shoots
Mar 25, 2005

I like the image that this scene presents: the captured female-turned-sex toy, bound into an accessible position for all manner of torments. However, the follow through is not really shown here, as first she is made to fellate a dildo--then the dildo is used in her pussy. Once it is used in her pussy...the strap on simply disappears along with the bearer, rather than using the now soiled-dildo in the waiting mouth for cleaning. The other side to this would be to use a butt-plug in the scene as well, to provide a counterpoint to the thrusting of the dildo--knowing that there is something solid, filling her ass as she is penetrated as well. Admittedly, some models won't want the anal aspect of it--but as part of a latex site, some would almost be expected to be a part of the scene, whether in use or on display and thereby suggesting that they are used, even if we were not to see them in use. The other suggestion to add to this would be that when changing the bondage positions, add to the restriction instead of lessening or equaling the restriction of the previous scene. She is bound into a strappado, true--but her feet have ben released from any restriction other than the latex, while her hands are still immobilized. Test Shoots
Mar 25, 2005

Personally, I love the outfit that Jenni is in. The deliberate exposure of the breasts and crotch while encasing most of the rest of her beautiful body in latex enhances the look of a sex puppet. The inclusion of the ballet style heels is a bonus--one which I am sure not many models would willingly take for a lengthy period of time. Overall this scene reminds me of something I would find in the opening chapters of a Gord or Stargraves book, with the heroine--of sorts--discovering just what she has fallen into. One note--the contrast between light and dark at the beginning of this set was rather distracting. While a foggy, dim look works wonders in video to help set the mood, in pictures it is annoying trying to discern the details. The silhoette (sp?) effect, shadowing the outline of her body at the end of the tunnel, was amazing. Test Shoots
May 6, 2004

Did anyone else notice that these pics are doubles, with slightly different file names? Still, good shoot, just don't think we need copies as well.

Wired Pussy