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Comments made by mtngate6

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Dec 24, 2010

Look guys,(and girls), sex is best when it is about variety, and this shoot, adds some variety, thank god! The same ole TS shoot is GETTING boring, and NOT really just my thing. When it is spiced up, added to, it all gets better. Whether Divine Bitches adds some things that make guys uncomfortable, or the Ass website makes the girls pissed off because guys have entered the picture. These varieties make it all better. Kink, has NOT really gotten kinky. There are no double dildo's on women, no dildo man to woman, no dildo inserted in woman while doing men,... and many more options... vote for more variety....

TS Seduction
Jun 5, 2010

This is great. It's ABOUT time, that KINK brought in some scissor or trib, or crotch to crotch.... this is the sexiest. Please answer, why not before? Too hardcore? Too real? Why not ADD INTERNAL dildos to those wearing dildos???

Whipped Ass
Mar 21, 2009


Bleu Films
Dec 11, 2008

Repeating the same porn is getting tiring. I've suggested the threesomes, and putting some dildo device inside the woman while she is doing the guy, or having another guy do her while she is humiliating the submissive....PLEASE use some imagination instead of a formula that looks like any DVD.

Men In Pain
Sep 9, 2008

This is one of the best shoots. Keep adding variety to the plotline. Model hot, forced ejaculation is great. She might have put the dildo up his ass, then forced ejaculate.....why NOT have a man doing the woman, while she does the guy.... ???

Men In Pain
May 18, 2008

It would be great if the DOM was getting off too.... I mentioned somewhere in the past, put a dildo inside the DOM, (on ALL sites), while the fucking is going on...

Whipped Ass
Mar 8, 2008

I agree, there is a problem with third file. It is corrupted or not downloading properly. PLEASE try putting a dildo inside of the women when they are fucking the man. The woman should be getting off. or try and electric insert.... something to spice it up ! Glad to see this three way.

Men In Pain