hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Mar 12, 2004

I will not be surprised if you get complaints about this vid from the more hardcore sm/bondage members, and I wouldn't blame them. The action was pretty tame even for me.The scene that caught my interest,Crystal stripped & bent over the stool was way to short. I love Kali's verbal humiliation. Please consider getting some extras in the scenes.They don't have to physically participate,but are simply there to add that public humiliation factor. The bar setting would have been perfect for this. I'm sure you wouldn't suffer from a lack of volunteers.

Whipped Ass
Mar 7, 2004

When I brought up the cleaning ladies scenerio, I was hoping to elaborate on it abit more, but I had to run.I had allready blown off one thing on my to do list watching this wonderful vid. On my return,I see some of the things i wanted to comment on, have allready been expressed here.Your remarks concerning no strap-on & Chloe's nice ass are right on the mark tanderz.I think the rope scene should have been broken up into 2 parts, the second being Chloe bent over & tied down, with her lovely sweet ass up in the air,ready to receive the punishment she so richly deserves. Keep on dreamin' the dream. COBRA, you read my mind when you wrote about the mop handles. Maybe the ladies could start off with a toilet plunger if they are feeling generous.Your thoughts concerning a second cleaning woman got me thinking. I agree with you that Kym does not fit into the role of cleaning woman.I do think that she would make a great boss bitch exec. Picture Ms. Kym descending the staircase in a sharp Italian business suit & heels. Don't forget your eyeglasses Kym. The glasses & that beautiful mass of hair pinned tightly to the top of your head would add to the corporate look nicely.Switch to a close-up of Chloe's face to catch the humiliation & fear register as Audrey tells her that she got the job by offering up Chloe's ass & everything else to Kym for another session of abuse & punishment.

Whipped Ass
Mar 5, 2004

Excellent work!!The little storyline & set scene are definite improvements. Compliments to both of you beautiful ladies.Thought the verbal abuse was good,not too overdone. I especially enjoyed the fact that Chloe was not very happy with her situation.Love to see a part 2. Possible scenario: couple of cleaning ladies come across poor Chloe & the abuse continues..................

Whipped Ass
Feb 27, 2004

It was nice to see a new fresh face in this vid. I especially enjoyed Keiko's whimpering.Also enjoyed the anal discipline,but would have liked to have seen you use a strap-on. Nobody straps it on better than you Kym. One minor nit-pick technical comment. Can your stills photographer use a camera with a quieter shutter?

Whipped Ass