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Jan 16, 2011

I appreciate the effort, but it falls short. If you're going to make a fantasy, give us the details that we need to suspend disbelief. For instance, why is the head vampire in need of fresh meat? Why doesn't the "meat" even try to resist the influence of the vampires in their initial meeting? Why is there blood all over the vampire who bites the guy in the neck, but there's no blood on him (and no bite marks)? I realize this isn't a high-tech production, but a little bit more attention to detail would go a long to making this kind of shot work.

Divine Bitches
Sep 21, 2010

I wish you'd split the performers into theit teams like you used to do in the match description..

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 10, 2010

Great site, but I worry about the 150+ varieties of HPV. Can't be tested for in men, so I hope your female models get regular pap smears.

Public Disgrace
Mar 11, 2010

Haven't watched this yet, but let me point out that this is Part 4 (not 3) in the series.

Wired Pussy
Mar 5, 2010

Is Andrianna the same person as Petal? Confusing description/label.

Wired Pussy
Sep 7, 2009

I hate how you describe the match as "Welcome to the *start* of the summer championship." It started last week... this is a continuation. Why not just say "Welcome to Summer Vengeance" or whatever you call it. Same goes for the description of the beginning of other seasons. Thanks.

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 30, 2009

Just a quick note about your stats pages for individual fighters: you often start with Season 3 stats (for instance, look at Vendetta's page)... what's that about? You should give the most recent season stats, and if a wrestler is retired, you could call it something like "Last Active Season: Season X." Of course, most people don't look at the stats page, but why have it if the page isn't up to date? Thanks.

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 27, 2009

It seemed to me that Matt was rather quick to give Ariel control. I don't think it made a difference in the end, but I sensed that Dia was just a bit frustrated at times. Have you reviewed the tape enough to comment?!

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 27, 2009

Note on the file name... you call this a tag team match. Does Bobby not want to wrestle any more, or does she not want to wrestle at the current level of compensation? What if you had a donation box specifically to get her to wrestle? If there were not enough donations (say after a six-month or year period) or the amount wasn't enough, then each person's donation could count towards a new subscription for that person. Just a thought.

Ultimate Surrender
May 22, 2009

So... whatever happened to Kim Wylde?

Whipped Ass
Apr 25, 2009

Jandi is the reason I joined this site!

Device Bondage
Sep 26, 2008

BTW, your fight history section is not up-to-date... lots of missing matches.

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 24, 2008

I would love to see Ariel X take on Jandi Lin!

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 4, 2008

#11. That's one more, for all you Spinal Tap fans. This looks promising. Looking forward to it. But first a little drink :)

Fucking Machines
May 22, 2008

When is she getting out of prison? You should give her a special prison break fucking!

Fucking Machines