hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Comments made by Henrymed

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Apr 14, 2010

Just a bunch of anal insertions without any bdsm. Not the same site it used to be. I know some are really into these types of scenes; I guess its just catering to them.

Everything Butt
Feb 21, 2010

I really liked the screenplay and hope there is more of this to come! Great ideas and unique - never saw anything like the wetting of the pants at the end! This was a great effort I think. Just very short in duration. I mean bad things can happen sometimes that are completely out of your control. We are ALL human, no supergods here. So nice try guys! YAY! and look forward to more!

Everything Butt
Jul 7, 2009

Great to have a different type of scene with different players! Gives variety and the attractiveness of the players makes up for their lack of experience of the classic hardcore bdsm that some people are precisely looking for. Perhaps place Sunset with a very hardcore and experienced domme so that everyone can be pleased. I think the sub was really good!

Whipped Ass
Jun 12, 2009

My Favorite WhippedAss shoot! I loved the fetish and theme, real ballet uniforms with pink tights and shoes. Then slowly the shoes & uniforms come off. The students are really horrified by the strict teacher and it looks REAL, almost as if it is really happening. It is believable! Wish could see stocking feet without the shoes in the progression of the scenes of removing the clothing. Wish could also see other themes like this with "real" scenes, the real uniforms, such as a medical/nurse scene for example with the same style and flair as this ballet shoot! Really, really excellent!

Whipped Ass
Jun 7, 2009

One of my favorite MIP videos. Wish there were more medical fetishists out there so there could be more videos like this. Only suggestion: wish there were latex exam gloves used (a nurse without latex gloves??)and also used in other non-medical fetish videos when prepping before a strap-on insertion. It always happens in the real world, mistresses usually prefer the use of latex gloves, so it serves as a cue in the fetishist's mind as to what's to come. Really great work though.

Whipped Ass