Device Bondage Presents - Darling's Decimation
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Comments made by quincy451

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Dec 7, 2001

I have to go against the crowd here. You have to realize who you are watching here. You have Jamie, he is not a bondage master kind of guy. He is something of the guy your mommy warned you about. He likes to slap the girls face to get her off guard and then whip some ass and whip it hard and without much warmup, with nothing more than a belt if that is what is avaliable. Here he uses more and Kym takes it well...heck he starts with cane stroke to start off with. I liked it for what it was good fun. And I look elsewhere for good bondage play, as well as sexual pornography. In short I like this because it is just what Jamie intended it to be...a limited in scope jackoff domination movie. Listen to Jamie in the movie. That is all he wants to create with this and he does the humilation well.

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Dec 8, 2001

One more comment...where did this poor girl get her breast implants...Dr Frankanstein. They are the worst I have seen.

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Dec 1, 2001

Should have been scraped. Even the lightest is too much for her. But then Kym and Jamie know this, hence the second or extended shoot, which looks much more interesting from the photos.

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