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Jul 11, 2012

MM. Hope that you are well- and rested. As always, beautiful venom and salve

Divine Bitches
May 1, 2012

Nice look, Ash

Divine Bitches
Mar 2, 2012

You're something MM...

Divine Bitches
Mar 30, 2007

What a pleasure to see Seven in action again, and the tandem of Isis and DL is absolutely something glorious to behold. Definitely enjoy the office settings... Call me square, but I got a thing for those corporate gals...

Whipped Ass
Nov 24, 2005

This is a terific piece. I especially like the interview's placement within the body of work. Very real. I also thought that the language barrier was a very erotic element of the exchange, making pretty Alicia feel all the more helpless. Very much enjoyed this update.

Whipped Ass
Jul 24, 2005

Really, really nice opening setup. You could really see Boobie K's juices get going. The opening tie is a personal favorite (ummm don't tell my mom, ok?) Harmony is sexy as ever, walking imperiously about the set. I like it. Alot. Not a 5 though. Wiredpussy has set a VERY high bar. Toodles.

Wired Pussy