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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by Tripper

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Jul 30, 2002

Sorry, but its very boring

Whipped Ass
Jul 21, 2002

I am sad to see that you are no longer -- hogtied has more extreme shots than you? What happened? Did you get sued? Something legal must have gone on to make you drop f/f 100% and then at the (obvious) outrage .. bring back this softcore crap. At least change your advertisments .. You should be called BTW I thought this set was erotic and cowgirl is my favorite sub .. BUT DAMNIT MAN !!! You got Subs running the show ...doesn't that seem wrong to you?

Whipped Ass
Feb 8, 2002

This was great especially for those of us with a leather fetish. Hope you guys keep doing more videos with leather in them. Janay looks incredible in those tight leather pants. Next time have Kym wear some tight leather pants. That would be even better.

Whipped Ass