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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by sanofi

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Oct 31, 2014

i believe this is the match every body wanted to see , my opinion is that it should be promoted several weeks before the event , not just to have it like t

Ultimate Surrender
Oct 24, 2014

how nice to see ariel back she is out standing

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 18, 2014

this movie is a step towards improvement , it is awesome

Whipped Ass
Sep 13, 2014

i think that the welter weight neede to be enriched with extra wrestlers , yes jayogen was a good addition but more is needed , daisy ducati can put on more muscles and start wrestling in that category

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 13, 2014

this is awesome this movie will me forgive all your past mistakes especially last week crime , mistress kara is un believable dominatrix , superior she is the best

Ultimate Surrender
May 28, 2014

dears Lorelei is and darling are both more of dominas and I don't feel comfortable with change also they bothe looks alike each other both are blonde, the same height, and resemble each other so it is better to have a blonde and a brunette in each role play to avoid confusion as some times u can never tell who is who

Whipped Ass
Apr 4, 2014

the beginning and final interview takes too much time and is totally un necessary it should not exceed a couple of minutes , please put this in your consideration

Whipped Ass
Jan 25, 2014

isis love is atrue domme one of the best if she is not the best , the introduction of Cheryl thorn as a domme was a major break through which will benefit this site, I want a favor , like u brought Sandra roman why don't we see kym wild , this site owes her much, please consider I want also to ask if the introductory interview is mandatory or a routine because I find it lengthy and unnecessary

Whipped Ass
May 10, 2013

nikki is physically excellent i thought she would be more competitive how ever she is still young and she will develop experience quickly this champion ship will be very competitive and we will see excellent matches

Ultimate Surrender
May 3, 2013

we will be watching an outstanding final match the match every body is waiting to see this match was also magnificient well done every body

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 26, 2013

since Ariel has been the director she has added and contributed alot to this site , she proves herself an excellent director and has a great vision i strongly recommend her for major responsibilties to improve the group performance some sites needs to be removed while others needs to be improved but above all ultimate surrender has become the number one site in the kink group and it has taken whipped ass place which is now number 2 i hope ariel keeps on and i wish i have more than 4 updates in a month

Ultimate Surrender