Fucking Machines presents Abella Danger in 3 days of danger. Day 1
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Jul 22, 2007

this totaly sucks -- on the site recently all your videos havea very dark background ever time I try to lad I get a double image -- hat to pay for just pictures . This was fantastic nice to see an older lady and such a hot wild and sex one- But hope next time it not with boyfriend and someone who will really work her over - would ove to see more work done on those fantastic tits Also hope she would appear on other sites such as whipped ass or especailley waterbonge

Sex And Submission
Jun 1, 2007

this woman has a fantastic set of tits why does it take so ong to get her top off. also when she sucks cock would be nice to see her spit dripping all over her chest tits and nipples like Holly does. This lady is hot sexy and just asking for it. Why not use and abuse her then

Sex And Submission
May 11, 2007

Very Poor use of a very beautiful and sexy lady-- what happened to the good old days when her clotes were cut off-- she has fantastic tits but where were the clamps--Has anyone ever thought of conbineing waterbondage the fucking machine and a little electric shock with this site at the same time. Why is it so few times we see a hot wild lady with a fantastic ass but nothing goes in it ?? Also have asked over and over for older women on this site but you totally ignore the request. also do this ladys EVER get so turned on and worked up the sweat ??

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Mar 19, 2007

I must say your production have gotten worse rather than better- So far two times in a row you have used the brautiful Isis and have totally screwed up -- First the 4 way Ultimate Surrender which went nowhere and now is is all messed up-- Also your backgrounfd is so dark when I run the videos it comes out as if double exposed --Is this what I am paying for ?? Also we have aske dyou time and time again to use older women -- Have you even looked for one - would be fantastic to see either of thes two with an older women-- And why in the world in this shoot didn't Isis hardley eeven get wet ?? Hope your next shoor inprove !!!

Water Bondage
Dec 31, 2006

Kat you are fantastic -- when can we see you in sex and surrender ?? also just think of waterbondage with Isis Dragon LIly and you all in the same shoot. Would have loved to see your clothes cut or ripped off you-- need more work done on those fantastic tits. Hopw to see a close up of you taking it in the ass.

Water Bondage
Dec 21, 2006

Isis you get even more beautiful each time we see you. Hope you next time wear your hair down as in previous films. Also would love to see your tits worked on more. It would be fantastic to have you and dragon lilley in a film together. Keep up the fantastic work

Water Bondage
Dec 13, 2006

Isis so nice to see you transform from all dressed up nice hair makeup then totally destroyed. Love the new hairdue and color. Would love to see you worked over by Dragon LIly. Now how about the water bucket

Water Bondage
Feb 17, 2007

Alexa is the most beautiful gal on this site. It to bad you didn't take full advantage of her. would love to see her with her hair down and body dripping with sweat. Why no extream work on her tits and nipple or anal ?? Would have loved to see you cut her entire clothes offf her but did enjoy it when you cute her bra off. I totally agree about the ball gag. I can only hope it will not be llong before you have her back again. Would love to see her in Waterbondage and most of all in Ultimate Surrender. How about matching her up with Isis or Dragon Lily

Sex And Submission
Jan 31, 2007

Isis not sure I like the new hair color. I would think after being used and abused your body would be soaked with sweat ??? You like to see lots more work on those fantastic tits of yours. Also to see a huge dildo being shoved in your ass. By the way guys why don't we ever see any older women here I am sure there are amny many that would love to be worked over

Sex And Submission
Oct 20, 2006

And this is suppose to be Ultimate Surrender? Darling you won a hard fought batttle and you let her off the hook. Why didn't you use that didldo on her ass. You should of also tires her to a post and flogged those fantastic tits of Shannons. Then you took her doggie style why didn't your rip her mouth open like syd does. We wanted for this match and were really let down. Shannon you ar ea beautiful hot sexy lady and I hope to see lots more of you. How about a match with syd or the Ninja then we might have something

Ultimate Surrender
Oct 9, 2006

syd you were very lucky -- can't beleave you got off so easy in round 4 syd you look fantastic with dark hair hope you would consider leting it grow longer-- syd if you get a re-match I hope you win and in round 4 show here how brutal you can be-- use a huge strap on and also take her in the ass-- and that mask has to go-- would love to see you force her to remove it- also some flogging of her tits would be fantastic

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 10, 2006

Dragon Lily like you much better with longer hair-- love to see both hot and sweaty-- love those clamp on DL tits should have added lots of weights. Would like to see more drool driping out when ball gage in place. would like to see some flogging of Dragon Lily tits. Wwold like to see something huge in Dragon Lily ass

Whipped Ass
Sep 7, 2006

Isis your your new loook is fantastic-- I ask why these women always wear their hair up- an dwe never see them sweat. Nija so much better with just the small mask- hope someday you will let us see the real you. Ninja you let isis off way to easy-- why did you take her in the ass . I loved it when you opened her mouth up but why not slit her wide open- would love to see her with a ball gag and spit dripping out-- also why didn't in round 4 you really work heer tits overmaybe even as in earlier match

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 30, 2006

Question-- If defeated does the loser have to take it in the ass. I like the idea of a head shave match as well - the winner needs to hand out more punishment- lets see more abuse of there tits- have yet to see amatch were the ladys get so worked up they are dripping with sweat-- also why not force the defeated one to be flogged

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 24, 2006

Syd you are fantastic-- O can't wait for you to fuck the shit out of Ninja. syd why not rip the mask off and let us see who she really is. Aslo make sure you make her let her hair fall lose as well. To finish her off lets fuck the Ninja in the ass and flogg her like the old days-- Now thats the Ultimate Surrender. Ninja I pitty you as Syd is going to rip you apart

Ultimate Surrender