hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Comments made by Iangood

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Apr 29, 2007

Lots of intensity in this shoot. Loved the breast punishment with simultaneous fucking. Seems that the site has toned down recently. I don't recall seeing marks as bright and red as these in recent shoots.

Whipped Ass
Apr 13, 2007

Interesting contrasting perspective, dougieG. For me, the tattoos and piercings relate that the sub RELISHES the pain play, making it all the more hot for me the viewer. I found Eva to be great in her role: coaxing, manipulative, and clearly out for her pleasure. I prefer this approach to the "over the top" bitch Goddess who barks out commands - an approach that appears to lack sincerity.

Whipped Ass
Apr 7, 2007

Excellent production! Regan is gorgeous with lovely body art and piercings, and she plays the submissive role with glee. I particular loved her gleeful response to Eva's question "what is this?", "a vibrator!!". Her eyes and face lit up and the scene was sincere and powerful. Eva danced between sensual and severe with relative ease, taking delight in the torment of lovely Regan. Very nice to see new faces as well -- the shoots of late have begun to feel "samey" with nearly the same ladies every week. I'd love to see more of both of these ladies.

Whipped Ass
Apr 3, 2007

Isis and Dragonlily make my fetish universe! Great shoot. I don't share the corporate fetish, but Dragonlily and Isis could both be domming in a burlap potato sack and I would still be riotously turned on. Fascinating work!

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