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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by jcollins

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Nov 18, 2007

My god Penny is the Queen of seduction, sadism and psychotic lustful torment. Throw in that she is beyond beautiful and you have a lethal combination. I doubt I could ever withstand enough punishment to make you wet Penny but damn I'd sure love to try. The agony your slaves go through is such an incredible contrast with the lust they must feel when you arouse them. More Penny please!!!

Men In Pain
Nov 11, 2007

With that absolutely perfect body including the finest legs and ass I've seen on any woman or tranny for that matter and perfect tits, how can you be focusing on her voice and how feminine she looks? Watching her facefuck the guy making him gag over and over again is one of the hottest things I've ever watched. I agree, Ariel in leather pants that unzip springing her sexy cock would be awesome.

TS Seduction
Feb 2, 2007

Don't get me wrong I love Sandra. She's a gorgeous dom and very good at controlling her slavegirls. But what happened to all the variety this site used to have? It's becoming Sandra and the odd other Mistress in the mix between her updates. Can we bring back some of the other hot Mistresses I loved so much? Variety please!

Whipped Ass
Aug 11, 2006

I'd tend to agree with pacman1....if you can't get hard in the presence of Harmony and Penny you don't deserve to be on MEN in pain. These two gorgeous doms deserve more to play with than that. I can't rate it as low as pacman1 did though because's Harmony and Penny and how bad can that be right?

Men In Pain
Jun 8, 2006

I think cartman said virtually what I was thinking so I won't belabour the point. My biggest problem is that with her perfect body and gorgeous face Tory should be one of the most erotic woman alive but in this scene she came across more as a psychotic mental patient than a sexy dom. Because of who was in it (both Tory and Harmony are stunning) I can't give this update a 1 but it's not good.

Men In Pain
Jan 2, 2006

Sorry guys but any update with the Goddess Jenaveve in it can't be considered anything but perfect. She's absolutely the most beautiful woman on earth and watching her dominate is a privelege.

Whipped Ass
Oct 13, 2005

As a long time member of this site it takes a lot to have me in awe but your update featuring Mistress Aradia was breathtaking! No other session has had a Mistress in such complete control of her slave as this one. Aradia is an unmatched beauty and contrary to an earlier opinion, the makeup look is very hot and matches her severe personality perfectly. And don't even get me started on that latex catsuit which made me hard instantly in the first glimpse. My only disappointment with this shoot was that the pathetic slave somehow manages to not get hard and cum for that's possible in her presence and the way she was seducing him I can't even comprehend. Aradia you are my new Dom of my dreams and I will be joining your site as soon as I post this message. Take me now!

Men In Pain
Sep 8, 2005

Sorry but Tyla's absolutely the hottest..did you see her last shoot? Sizzling all and hot..this one's not as good but still she's the best!

Men In Pain
Aug 28, 2005

Sounds like the members have spoken folks...More Tyla..More Tyla and even more Tyla please!!!!!!

Men In Pain
Aug 26, 2005

Wow..I thought I knew the meaning of HOT and many of the women on this site are most definitely in that category..but after seeing Tyla's shoot I have to put her in a category all to herself. The combination of that body and face with the sexiness she displays is too much for any man to resist or handle. Tyla I am in love and lust with you...I may never meet you but I'll always be your slave. More of Tyla please...she's out of this world!!

Men In Pain
Jun 23, 2005

Jasmine is the perfect combination of seductress and dominatrix. She seduces and destroys so effectively it's incredible. And those red boots...don't even get me started. Jasmine I love you and will do anything for you. Take me now!

Men In Pain
May 30, 2004

Please more more more!! These two are gorgeous! I love Cassie she's so beautiful and perfect as a submissive.

Whipped Ass
May 10, 2004

Kim, I can't believe the idiotic comments of blackacre. You are and always will be the queen of this site and every time I see you in an update I get hard. You're perfect, sexy and so authentic. I love your updates and hope for more. Kneeling before you and worshipping your perfect boots.

Whipped Ass
Dec 1, 2003

I have found heaven on earth in looking at Ivy's incredible ass. She could make me do anything she wanted just by promising the chance to lick that heavenly bottom. Ivy if you're reading this I surrender. Do with me as you wish Goddess. I'm in love.

Men In Pain
Nov 27, 2003

Kali is ver y sexy and Audrey is perhaps the most stunning woman I've ever laid eyes on but this update is lacking. Two perfect Mistresses and they hardly break a sweat with this slave. Let's see them together again but really getting bitchy okay?

Men In Pain