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Comments made by ccbigs

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Apr 15, 2012

Okay...I wish truly that those with frustrations about their image of TTOO would stop whining - the lovely ladies are performing at a level that you at least respect enough to praise and admire. The whole "no (MALE) dick" = no fun run of comments has been so addressed - this is a TRAINING site and that has a highly sexual component - whether a males dick is present or not, of course all slaves need to be trained on the proper techniques for sex as well. Here is my suggestion first and again a bow and blown kiss to Bobbi and Ariel! Second, I have my own concerns about TTOO but it mainly has to do with seeing an evolution. I miss having a quick set of 4 day training with a video journal posted up - so that there is a chronological order to the site - I get confused about the intake pieces or some stand alone single day events...I always want to see more of the training of the intakes..I know they got to the Upper Room and all--but maybe since we saw the intake we could share in seeing them "trained out"...again for me it is my own obsession with chronology - I own I guess I am saying is rather than complain examine what you are wanting and why and try and make a positive suggestion...lastly - when did training of a slave become a gender specific activity for a Dom? If you don't think the novel is lesbian as well I strongly suggest rereading it! No offense to anyone here. All praise to the wonderful models and the director! Thank you sorry for the long post just had to "SAY IT"

The Training Of O
Apr 13, 2012

Agree - Bobbi you've cum a long way - and Ariel is incomparable - toned - sexy and amazing. What happened to the 4 day events - I remember Bobbi's first time - she had such a low pain endurance - what would be hot is Ariel being trained by Bobbi day one and then Bobbi trained by Ariel day 2 for a blockbuster 4 day TTOO!!!

The Training Of O
Apr 1, 2012

jppike- excellent comment - this IS the site of sites. Now...will we see her training? also loved the "no tatoo" orders from upper floor..i love tats but not all the time nice call!

The Training Of O
Mar 30, 2012

Loved it. Main question still remains. There is something disjointed on the site. A lack of chronology? With the bar so high TTOO has to come together and make sure for example we see the "hotness" of this young slave to be trained in a full scale TTOO 4 day session with video journal...this site is by far the crown jewel of all sites period. Please Maestro keep it exceeding our expectations. For example with this amazing young slave (great job young lady by the way! Can't wait to really see more of your breaking points and your tenderness as well) Maestro - I am begging here - Astonish Us! Surprise us take your mastery even further! Thanks!!!!!

The Training Of O
Mar 28, 2012

Okay so yes excellent - where are the subsequent days ???? This sub took pain at levels that can be developed to be even more intense and could even be a good top and bottom in the future. Where are the new girls at TTOO? Where are the girls like this and where is the unpredictable nature of the site we had in the past? No offense to Maestro = all props to you - you have great brute force I wish I'd see more of - but I miss James' physical submission (as with Amber Rayne, Madison Young, Princess D, so many others) but also his MENTAL domination - as witnessed with Bobbi Stars first visit - she had such little tolerance for pain I thought I would be bored but on the contrary - as James discovered her fears manifesting themselves he exploited them perfectly.., I loved this shoot...where the heck is all of it..I think something is still a little off with TTOO I am waiting for something radical - and where are all the catalogue of back shoots?? I know I have seen ones that are not on this site...I want as we all do to explore what we pay for thanks!

The Training Of O
Mar 23, 2012

WOW-it seems we are back the classic style that made TTOO so unique ( so special). This is spot on with a gorgeous woman and two experts breaking away every once of her resistance. Aiden you are amazing. In the category of Matrisse Madeline. Your laughing at 001 was so hot. Aiden congrats - and Ariel (001) comeback often. Only question left can you take more marking? More caning? Excellent job!

The Training Of O
Mar 18, 2012

where o where are the likes of Kristine? Where have they gone..the lovely the quirky the BEAUTY that contrast the east of Eros perfectly - the dainty pale body that looks like wind would blow it over taking more severe punishment than almost any other person ever - she is correctly mentioned with Julie N and Sarah but wow how do we see more of her does Kink have more of her somewhere??

The Training Of O
Mar 17, 2012

prinessdonna and james: go back and watch these again. this is a pinnacle moment in honest humbling - the balance of pushing by both the dom and sub - donna you delight in that you would never just sub out a zone on pain - the teetering toward finding your breaking point is so visceral. Of course the next days video is almost beyond words - funny since it is your words - that cause James to say - I think I have been too easy on you - you both knew it and the canning that comes is probably the most intense 20 minutes I have witnessed. This what the hall of fame of this type of eroticism is all about! THANKS

The Training Of O