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Nov 13, 2007

Hey Northcut,the last shoot posted was boy boy girl. Mr Mogul only fed me cock for my training :)

The Training Of O
Nov 7, 2007

Hey Stannous - I actually am aware of those facts. And it is because red heads feel more pain and that smaller breasts are more sensitive that we can take a large amount of pain with a smile. A nice 2x4 across the arse gives me the same sensation as a light caress across the breasts to another woman. ...if that makes sense.

The Training Of O
Nov 6, 2007

I see the heels have gotten a bad wrap and just wanted to provide a little insight. Heels are difficult for me. They are a form of bondage for me. And they are one of the things that I wanted trained in for this shoot. I'm naturally a tomboy. I grew up working landscaping in the country,climbing trees and getting my hands dirty. I love running around barefoot and getting filthy. I'm trying to become a lady. Heels throw me off balance and make me feel less grounded. In the last six months I've bought more high heels than I have my entire life. I feel that a slave should be capable of mastering composure and dignity as well as femininity while accomploshing even the most grueling of tasks. The exercises were very difficult to do in the heels. Which is why I don't keep them on the entire time. It was kind of Mr Mogul to let me finish my rooftop exercises barefoot. Another thing to note is that Mr Mogul LOVES the way that high heels make my bottom look. I am learning how to walk better in heels and I actually feel like when I walk in tennis shoes that it feels very similar to sitting on furniture to me(in the context that I only sit on the floor due to our rules). Barefeet and sneakers feel so casual that I feel like I'm cheating in some way. Regardless that's my input on heels. On another note has anyone noticed a sour look on my face while I'm sucking Mr. Mogul's cock on the rooftop in the relay race between TJ and Mr Mogul? Can you guess what might make my mouth pucker like that? he he

The Training Of O
Nov 4, 2007

Hey Rex - Just wanted to let you know that the comment about having me fuck the janitor really did get me hot. I would be very happy to be loaned out in such a way that I amuse and serve Mr .Mogul. It was difficult for me as we were defining the differences between service submissive and lover. And at first I thought that Mr Mogul was proposing that I could only be one or the other and the thought of that broke my heart instantly. But what we were doing was compartmentilizing our ds relationship and our relationship as lovers.

The Training Of O
Oct 6, 2007

Hey Delicacy, I should have stated it in my video confession but when I asked Mr Mogul about it he said that I should do my video confesional and masturbation for the viewers while sitting on the chair as the video camera was set up on the desk and it would be difficult to give all of you the best view if I was to sit on the floor for the video journals. So all week I was given permission to sit in the hotel chair but only while doing my journal.

The Training Of O
Sep 8, 2007

Thanks for all the lovely comments. I'm glad everyone is enjoying it. This is the best thing ever to have an intimate experience with my Love that I can watch. And yes Delicacy there was a goodnight kiss and lots of other moments that just couldn't be captured by the camera. I was telling Mr Mogul it would have been amazing to have a 24 hour cam in our hotel room so they could have captured all the 24/7 things like me sleeping on the floor and being drug by my chain collar up onto the bed in the morning to pleasure him. Or me trying to arrange showering with that big hunk off metal. Me getting up early in the morning to make coffee and hand him a towell and handing him his jacket before walking out the door and my favorite...taking off his boots and worshiping his feet. I'm watching the video for the first time and I'm in Detroit this weekend for a shoot missing my Love and writing this from the floor of my hotel(all of the rules that were set in place during the shoot we continue to have in place). And just to let you all know, right now I would absolutely love permission from my Love to masterbate to this amazing footage but he isn't answering his phone. I wonder if I'm allowed to cum with out masterbation? I won't risk it. You are going to love the rest of the training I'm sure, I did :)

The Training Of O
Sep 12, 2003

the movie got me all gooey inside just watching it. mmmm chanta. i loved having the sharp sting of the cane hit me and the marks especially on my inner thighs, chest and stomach stuck with me for a week after the shoot. and let me tell you all there is nothing better than the heat of your skin touching the cool vinyl boots that chanta is wearing. i think the shoot turned out really hot. i think maybe i would have liked chanta in some vinyl hot pants and her corset w/ the boots.

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