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Comments made by boucho65

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May 5, 2012

My subscriptions is coming to an end. Without having yet seen this I am glad its here. U shut down wiredpussy, wheres princess Donna? I like Bobbi star, awesome scene with sensi but electro sluts is pure fetish but no hot sex. I dont care for it at all. And for the most part whippedass has been less than good. Not to say its terrible but just eh in comparrison to the previous 3-4 years. Few if any hot models, little to no actual sex, not enough Isis love. Her work is superb, ally Ann for example, just amazing. I could go on with examples of scenes that are neyond great but u will do what ever ur doing regardless. Different strokes for different folks but unless things turn around on kink, I will be doing my stroke else where.

Whipped Ass
Feb 23, 2012

Its all personal preference. This is porn. Even feature films, one has a right to like and not like. Defending by trying to deny a dissaponted veiwers disappointment is a waste of time. I dont like orgies in porn, maybe someday there wil be,a scene that I will like. It will have to be more intimate than this one. I like the girl and would like to see her again. One on one.

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Feb 4, 2012

Have agree, group scenes just aren't as good as one on one. Too many lately. Cute girl newer model is good, orgy not so much.

Whipped Ass
Dec 10, 2011

havnt seen yet but know its good stuff. these are the type of models that make joining worth it. Bobbi has been great with the young petite girls so far, bet she does it again. Leave the harder porn stars to maitresse, she handles them well. Isis and donna anyone they want

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Nov 26, 2011

I have yet to watch but i have a critque. I understand there is a market for the older woman in porn, just not a big fan. Juli looks great for a middle aged woman, still not hot though. Innocent and plain is good. Hot and slutty fine too. Mature only works if they are the agressor, dom. Like when you use porn stars, they dont know what kink is about and hot to watch them as they find out. Good idea for sure. Next time step daughter gets it, maybe the spanish or black maid?

Whipped Ass
Nov 20, 2011

Really great. I joined up again because of models like zoe. She seems to really enjoy herself. I do not need to see models in such pain that it ruins the pleasure. The whipping is boring in itself, with out the great pleasure zoe gets the whipping would be useless. I thin even more emphasis can be given to sexual pleasure than the pain. Though pretty good balance of both this time around, with great strap-on action to bring it all to a climax. Zoe is hot, felony did the best I have seen from her. Great scene.

Whipped Ass
Oct 7, 2011

Sarah is a cutie, Kristina is sexy and Bobbie has shown some real that make her on top of her game so to speak. But why the threesomes so often? everyone has their opinion and mine is this: with threesomes it loses intimacy and intensity a great deal. I can not think of a scene where three was better than two. Only great scenes here are ones with just the two. Top and bottom. Simple. Also, how about more new talent? tried and true is great but new faces are better mostly. Just the submissives mostly, hard to find the talents displayed by Donna, Isis, Maitresse and now Bobbi. Also why not some more porn stars? Familiar faces in a new light. Doesn't matter how many videos they have done, a Kink.com scene would be something new for sure. Heard Bobbi wants to take Tanner Mayes for a ride. That would be awesome. Shyla Jennings getting the works by Isis would be amazing! There are many more starlets who would be so hot to see here, even some more establish ones as well . Sunny Lane, or how about Belladonna. That woman would love it, every second. She would probably be a great dom as well. Or some of the talent from Viv Thomas, gorgeous European models getting it from American doms? so many out there to use, why not use them? I would pay more if the talent pool grew like that, and stay on more consistently if updates were fresher with talent. Anyhow, even with my complaints and suggestions you guys are the best in the biz hands down.

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