hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Jan 1, 2010

welcome back Tia

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 24, 2009

This is my Fourth year as a member and this will be first rd 4 I know I wont like. I enjoy Isis work a lot,but fisting creeps me out(It Looks too much like the delivery room).U.S. is my fav site on the kink network so I will Take Matt's Advice and Don't Watch the parts That makes me feel uncomfortable(Fast forward) and hope that fisting does not become a regular trend on Ultimate Surrender.

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 8, 2009

Great job Ariel

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 29, 2009

Great Match Ariel X. I give you props for your toughness.This season of summer vengance in my opinion has been the most exciting so far.Respect due to Matt

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 19, 2009

Both women did a great Job.Everything Isis does with Kink is good,But this scene brought back the fun to Whipped Ass that seemed to be missing lately.Easily the most enjoyable scene to me in the past few months.Also more Kirra please.

Whipped Ass
Aug 1, 2009

I got it Matt about to check it out

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 21, 2009

Welcome Back Dragon I am a big fan.

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 1, 2009

This is the second week in a row that I have greatly enjoyed the Match it seems like the tournament brings out the best in these women.Wenona I have always been a big fan,Claire please return for the next season.

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 29, 2009

I am a long time member who rarely leaves comments but I have to say Hollie and Yana on put a good show.They both tried very hard and I was please with Hollie RD4 action.Keep up the good work and Matt no wrestling site is as entertaining as yours(And I have seen many from here to Hungary)

Ultimate Surrender
May 26, 2009

Hey I,M first cool

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 28, 2009

Great stuff very creative round four.Keep up the good work ladies.

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 15, 2008

Great show,Good chemistry between the performers and you get to know Isis even better and she is one,sexy fine lady.More challenges please.

Kink.com Test Shoots
Dec 3, 2008

Great match with two very hot women loved round 4 Its matches like these that make Ultimate Surrender the best wrestling site ever.Tia please stay with the company.Ariel keep on doing your thing,you are so hot and very entertaining to watch in action.

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 6, 2008

I saw the match live it was a great end to a great summer vengance.Also I have to say that that Vendetta and Tom Cat kept the live chat room very entertaining during the the live matches.Matt and company you have a great product keep up the good work and looking forward to next season

Ultimate Surrender