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Comments made by marcm9999

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Feb 28, 2007

Loved the self inflicted asphixiation. Two hot smokin players here.

Whipped Ass
Feb 9, 2007


Whipped Ass
Feb 8, 2007

Whenever I want to see something really sexy and dirty I go back to this video. Two beautiful girls in their natural roles. Annie is so sexy and is always good. But please bring back Tawni as she is just so natuarlally sexy as the submissive painslut she appears to be.

Whipped Ass
Feb 4, 2007

Sign me in for sick of Sandra too. This has become paint by numbers. The dialogue is so pathetically stale. All this I will pleasure you if you do waht I say stuff is so stale. How about dirty painsluts who are there to be totally degraded verbally as well by haughty demanding women who do not really care what the opinions of the sub are.. This site has become way too prdictable and way to tame in many ways.

Whipped Ass
Oct 8, 2006

I give it a 5 because Nadia Styles is one of the most beautiful subs ever. Very sexy and very vulnerable. Nikki Nieves is getting to be one of your better doms. Hoever, I give it a 5 on style and beauty but I am noticing the smae lack of intensity that others have observed. While the girls keep getting sexier and sexier, the intensity and feel are falling behind. I like to see true subs, not dommes trying to get pretty girls off. A little more pain and intensity and less cum by the numbers.

Whipped Ass
Feb 17, 2006

Tory Lane absolutely rocks!!! Nadia Styles---very hot! Keep this up.

Whipped Ass
Feb 4, 2006

I see the varied posts--I fall into the 5 category. Highly erotic, extremely sexual, very hot beautiful women. If you have ever been bitten all over you would know exactly why this scene was so hot. Beautiful sexy women and some originality for a change. Keep it up.

Whipped Ass
Sep 3, 2005

Harmony is the best dom on this site. Sativa is adorably slutty and sexy----a filthy little submissive whore. And Justine's whimpering nearly drove me insane. I would love to see the follow up as these two submissve whores please thier Mistress Harmony. Bravo!!!

Whipped Ass
Aug 12, 2005

Harmony is one of the very best doms. This is absolutely amazing.

Whipped Ass
Jul 4, 2005

A freaking plus!!! This was hot. Great change of pace with two gorgeous womwen---the how much can you take script---nice. Keep it up.

Whipped Ass
Jun 20, 2005

These gilrs are freaking beautiful. Cherokee rocks. Very Hot!!!

Whipped Ass
May 14, 2005

I honestly think this is barely just OK.

Whipped Ass
May 12, 2005

I really like these girls. Beautiful women but in the wrong roles. This was weak. Very disappointing considering that part one of this episode was exceptional. Oh well at least you guys tried. Keep slugging. I also agree with the fact that Bobbi Dean is one of the better submissives on this site to date, she is not a dom.

Whipped Ass
May 6, 2005

Sure there is some work to be done, but I love the concept and your models. My only questions are how soon will this be up and running and when can I sign up? Test Shoots
Apr 28, 2005

Get this up and running ASAP. Count me in. Test Shoots