hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Jul 3, 2013

I would just like to comment that I am so proud of Beretta not just for the win but for the way she seemed to finally come into her own on the mat. I remember the very first time I wrestled her my first thought was "She should be better at this. She's strong, limber, and long but, something isn't clicking." In this match everything fell into place for her and it was like rolling with a completely different person. I was, of course, disappointed by my loss but, not as much as I normally am when I lose because I was genuinely happy for Beretta. It was a good fight and a great win for Beretta. That being said.... should we meet again on the mats, her ass WILL be mine once more! ;)

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 3, 2012

Love this. Madeline is so hot!

Cruel Romance
Dec 17, 2011

God I love this one! I could watch it over and over.

Whipped Ass
Dec 9, 2011

Oh look that's me squirting all over the furniture! Glad I got to watch this update or I would've missed Krysta's first double fisting completely. I was uh... busy when it happened. Thanks for a wonderful night! ;)

The Upper Floor
Apr 23, 2011

For the record, Bella's grip on my pussy was like a claw, once it latched on there was no escape! That favorite move in rd 1, wasn't her picking me up it was me flipping myself over in a failed attempt at escape. lol fun times though.

Ultimate Surrender