Device Bondage presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 3
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Comments made by markos

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Feb 5, 2005

Dom had good butt for hand whipping. Sub and dom had good tits. GREAT tit slapping. Thanks for a longer sequence. Great insertion in clip 8 and 9. How about a ice dildo? The facestiing and breathplay was great. The dom having both hands around the subs head to really force the face was the way it should be done. The breath play and pinching the nose was the cherry to that scene. I disagree with fourstar16. I believe my input has been listened to numerous times. VERY few sites allow direct feedback like this. Thanks again for the opportunity. fourstar16, this site was much more brutal in the past. When was the last time a cane was used? My only complaint is I want more clips from each session. I still need a Kym fix. Let Kym dom Audrey.

Whipped Ass
Feb 2, 2005

Nice contrast in skin color between dom and sub. Nice scratch marks in clip 6. Nice nipple biting and twisting in clip 6. Needed more and teeth marks. Dom had nice tits. A preg dom in clip 11 would have been perfect when the sub was nursing. Could not see enough during the short facesitting in clip 11. Clip 13 was good. Not great because the camera angle was terrible. Could not see any penetration. Dom was starting to get aroused but did not seem to cum. It should have lasted for at least 2 clips. Still waiting to see a dom take it in the ass. Clip 14 was good. I want to see the initial penetration. Clip was way too short. Was the dom "seven" from the old days? That right hip tatto is very unique. I really need a Kym fix, PLEASE.

Whipped Ass
Jan 30, 2005

Sub had great tits. Thanks for the tit "treatment". Horsey was good. Fantastic facesitting. Wish the lighting and camera work would have shown more. I love it when the dom really gets aroused. Bring this sub back!!!

Whipped Ass