Hogtied Presents The Collector Cheyenne Jewel & Sophia Locke
Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Nominated for Best BDSM Release AVN Awards Show

Comments made by jennabean

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Aug 12, 2011

Entertaining and well played. However, not much of a turn on for either of us; but we're always glad to see new themes introduced and see if those buttons are pushed.

Divine Bitches
Mar 24, 2011

Great shoot. Loved the footwork.Good idea to do a bit of POV footagein future - looking forward to that.

Divine Bitches
Mar 12, 2011

Really enjoyed this one. MM seemed to treat each slave exactly as their attitude required. Watching the scene with shubby we commented how JT would get 'what for' for his poor answers & laughed to see the smirk wiped off his face. Loved the way MM referred to JS as "Sparkles!" who also got what was deserved for being clever. Great Stuff (shame about the video cutting out - this is one I'd like to watch again).

Divine Bitches
Jan 27, 2011

yes - please fix the HD wmv file