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Comments made by gregson

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Apr 22, 2003

Kym wilde dominating summer cummings and seven together is my ultimate fantasy . kYM should wear less revealing clothes while dominating and hang summer cummings and then slap her . WOW !!! i've already started shakin my gearbox ;)

Whipped Ass
Apr 17, 2003

This one was not sooo good !!! this slave was completely at ur mercy and u left her unharmed , u should atleast have hanged her upside down and spanked her with a paddle this way !!!

Whipped Ass
Apr 5, 2003

Kym ur a really sexy domininant lady. ur dressing for the katja maklaryn scene was excellent and here too it is very very good. i wish u could spank me hard on my butts with my hands its my fantasy. i have another fantasy , i would love to see to whip a busty lady like summer and spank her hard on those tits.

Whipped Ass