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Comments made by Grumpf

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Apr 15, 2011

Haven't watched it yet but God I'm excited!!! Both models are splendid and yeah for cleevage. Can't wait to see a tag team match with well endowed models!!! Thanks US team and keep up the good show girls!

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 4, 2011

Very good match. Was impressed by the level of the rookies! Allie was totally pro in R4, looks like she enjoyed winning and fucking Iona. Good match, excellent wrestlers and good R4 (a DP would have been the best but not complaining here). And of course, Isis plus the team members kissing made the whole thing perfect. Thanks Matt.

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Mar 26, 2011

I am discovering the posts as I go so it's a bit late but I have the impression that Maitresse Madeline is even more beautiful now (if that's possible) !!! Great show, Carolyn is awesome and M. Madeline sure knows how to make us enjoy them both. Good job ladies, the part4 positions is awesome!!!

Whipped Ass
Mar 11, 2011

Just remembered to check on the update now and wow! I'm going to watch it right now round 4 looks fantastic! Glad Isis is offering help in this one, last pics shows very original poses. Good job Girls and thanks Matt.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 8, 2011

I'm impatient to see the rest of it! Good job ladies. Matt as always your decisions are right! (you needed my support right :p ?) Can I just ask that in this case we keep the winner secret but not spoiling it in the description or screens previews? When it's round 4 we all know so it doesn't matter but if you deliver it only in one shot then I would prefer the surprise. Keep up the good work everyone, we love it!

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 11, 2011

Ok I think we need a real poll. I'm all about adding the Ref in R4 but don't want to ruin it for others. Can you do that Matt?

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 8, 2011

Woaw I absolutely think involving the Ref in round4 is a great idea! If it's about the winner dominating the loser then the ref can play a major role, ie DP... Of course it should be the winner's choice but waow. That's great Matt! I hope we'll see more of that. Girls were fantastics as usual, great show ladies.

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 17, 2010

Epic! Now, did anyone actually check if she twit about it? :)

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