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Dec 29, 2008

I never post comments, but I decided to post a comment here. I think I see the "problem" based on the comments above- some people are saying "poor" because they just have different taste then what this shoot offered. I enjoyed the shoot, and I like Claire because she is a true Dom. Sub Sybil is a true sub, and some of the pain she took during the scene was intense- you can hear it in her screams, and see it in her face. I have felt those implements and I know they can hurt. I think some of the members are looking for different things- maybe less S&M and more of the sexuality side or something. It made me think- maybe you should either start another NEW site for the heavier corporal stuff (with lifestyle subs like Sybil who can take alot and true Doms like Claire who can dish alot out), which would satisfy alot of folks... Or, maybe you just put your own "rating system" on the shoots- some are "heavier" some are more "sensual", etc. Not every shoot is everyone's cup of tea. Overall, I think the site is quite good. (As for Claire being too low when she talks- I always go back to listen to her again, I think it's sexy. But, you could give her a mike if members are complaining; sometimes other dialogue is hard to hear also- there are small wireless mikes that might be unobtrusive that could be used...?) But, overall- good job. For me, keep delivering the real BDSM, caning, etc. Happy New Year!

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