Fucking Machines presents Abella Danger in 3 days of danger. Day 1
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Comments made by Keeth2

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Oct 19, 2014

I have been a kink member for 3 years, I and think this is one of the most erotic videos I have seen. Thank you Mistress January Frost and slave girl. You do not need huge paddles and 12" dildos to show the submissive experience. So thanks Kink for starting this channel, otherwise you might have lost this customer.

Kink University
Oct 17, 2014

Really nice shoot, that was great. I gave up my subscription to divine bitch's. I just couldn't get over how brutal some of the scenes were. Almost every story ended with anal rape. Not my thing. So this might be my new home. Love the subtlety and the psyhcology. Though I will miss Matraise. I truly love Matraise, I assume she is not on this channel.

Kink University
Aug 17, 2014

This is based on a Stephen King short story. Which was homage to Harlan Ellison. Both authors like to litigate. Ellison loves to sue. He even sued the terminator movies. So for 3K credit, I won't say a word. Great video! Love matraisse being the beginning and end person.

Whipped Ass
Mar 30, 2014

That was amazing. Nice to see Maitreese on the other side. Nina is a great Dom, bring her back. I love her outfit. I've watched this twice, and only got halfway through it. Look forward to seeing the second half.

Whipped Ass
Sep 30, 2013

Couldn't watch this. The religious theme bugged me too much. I bet most guys feel at least a little guilt coming to this site. Throwing a cross in the background just compounds that. At least for me. On the other hand davrom96 comment above, made me laugh!

Whipped Ass
Jul 18, 2013

Damn I wish I was around for the live shoot. Please schedule another, I will do my best to be there. I love the POV shoots you have been having lately. I get right into it!

Divine Bitches
Dec 29, 2010

This was a great shoot. Always good to see Maitresse in a role. She is beautiful, and dominant in such clever ways. She is the glue that holds this site together. As a noob to this site, I like her presence at the beginning and end of most shoots. Gives continuity to the shoots, makes me feel better that the actors are ok, and is ocasionally funny.

Divine Bitches