Device Bondage presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 3
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Comments made by wedgie117

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Mar 30, 2014

shame they did not give Maitresse a swirlie in the shoot. I would have loved to see all the girls dunking Maitresse head in the toilet. Also some good ass cleaning.

Whipped Ass
Aug 3, 2012

maitresse atoilet in the scene and no swirlie.for that i think you need a swirly for the next shoot you do either from isis love or aiden star.

Whipped Ass
Mar 6, 2012

good to see isis licking some dirty asshole.hope one time she will be domiated in a girls bathroom by a couple of doms.

Everything Butt
Jan 4, 2012

i think in the next whipped ass video either gia maitreesie needs to get a swirly.

Divine Bitches
Aug 27, 2011

time for maitressie to get a swirly.have isis and adien give matressie a swirly

Whipped Ass
Aug 13, 2011

love to see maitresse get a swirlie and a wedgie. hint hint.

Whipped Ass
Aug 27, 2010

for maitresse next submission shoot i would love to see her get humliated by a couple of dominatrix like harmony isis and aiden. it could be a bathroom scene. maitresse is in jeans and full back panties. it starts off with them giving her a atomic wedgie. then they make her lick their assholes. finally she is drug into a stall and get the shit fucked out of her in the cunt and ass. for the grand finally they give he a swirlie. am i dreaming what i would give to see that seen. also alot of verbal abuse.

Whipped Ass
Jul 28, 2010

some of you guyes are too senative i am not not saying anything bad about isis i thought she was great for round 1 to round 3. she alway humilates when she wins just want to see here get a taste of her own medicine.thats why i was disspointed with round four.she is a great girl and has done great things for the site.i didnt read of any bashing except for the big butt which that person is blind she has a beautifull booty.

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 27, 2010

round 4 was a real bummer isis didnt get humilated

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 20, 2010

isis needs to take up the ass then clean the dildo off and lick all three asshole. the otherthing that would be great is to be taken into a bathroom stall and get ass fucked and then get a swirly.

Ultimate Surrender
May 18, 2010

i hope vendetta makes isis lick her asshole. them bang isis asshole and finally make her clean her dildo off with her mouth that would rule.

Ultimate Surrender
May 12, 2010

in round 4 if goddess lose they need to make isis lick alot of asshole and get fucked in the ass along with cleanig the dildo that was in her ass

Ultimate Surrender