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Jul 14, 2013

Tanya tate"s perfect feet and toes looks sexy as as hell. Enjoyed her feet immensely. Hope to see her more and more on this site doing g/g footstuff.

Foot Worship
Jul 7, 2013

Absolutely superb. Bobbi Star is so damn sexy as a lesbiandom. What she does with her feet on her subs body leaves me breathless.The outfit that Bobbi was wearing looked so damn sexy on her. Bobbi is amazingly breathtaking, Truly a remarkable woman. The trampling was totally unexpected other wise I would have purchased this shoot earlier. Thank you Phoenix Marie. You were also great. How did it feel having those sexy d o m toes rubbing your beautiful pussy and working your sexy body? More bare foot play please. Totally Awesome!

Whipped Ass
Jul 6, 2013

1st of all bravo on the pairing up of these two sexy hard bodies, as you put it, using their feet in a sexy way. Ariel x's perfectly formed feet and long toes rubbing and penetrating Ana Foxxx's wet juicy pussy was phenomenal. I am so happy Ariel is finally starting to bring those sexy bare peds out of the closet and putting them to good use inside another woman's sexy hole.I didn't give this a great for several reasons. I wish there were more close ups from the camera man. There are too many times where the camera is to far back in many of the scenes or cutting off from the top of the scene.I would love to see the toes wiggling inside the pussy and the veins and wrinkles moving in her feet while she is doing it. Also when the foot action starts to get hot the camera pulls away and lingers too long where there is no action and not long enough where it is. There was a time when Ariel had all five of her toes buried in Anna's snatch,I think, but the camera was to far back to enjoy it.Your close up pics seem to capture closeups well. Also when the recipients grabs the foot or the giver puts the wand on her pussy it hides the action.I wish the girls fucked each other hard enough where the one getting fucked didn't feel she needed to help her. There was also a scene where ariel laying on her back was foot fucking Anna with seemingly all of her toes with one foot whilst rubbing her sexy big toes/s on Anna's clit. Perfect time for a close up but didn't happen. All in all it was a good shoot and I got off. Loreli, my favorite, was not in it like I thought she would be because her name was in the credits made me a little sad because she can be very dominant and nasty. To white Dom's on that pretty black pussy...WOW! Keep up the good work guys. Love ya. For g/g foot sex you guys are about the best on the net. I wish the Foot fucking was harder and deeper like your fisting Which the camera catches the action perfectly more times then not, but beggars can't be choosy huh?. Footnote. I wish that Ariel would shed her referee foot wear in Ultimate Surrender, and foot fuck the losers into submission instead of fisting or both. Or just switch it up. She is so strong and sexy.You would have me as a customer there too. PEACE!

Foot Worship
Jun 8, 2013

I mean't to rate this as a fair because of the dude in the video but it's great because of loreli's foot/pussy penetrations.The sub is very cute and submissive acting. Cool combination when foot fucking is involved. More of this type of action PLEEEEESE! Thanks!

Foot Worship
Jun 8, 2013

I would have rated this a great but I just don't like men in my videos. That said the lesbian action was good and anytime my lovely sexy dominant Loreli is involved it is always great. Her veiny bare feet and sexy long toes are perfect for this site.I just wish the camera would capture more and better angles and closeups of her foot and toes buried deep in her victims pussy.I love you Loreli!!!

Foot Worship
Apr 27, 2013


Foot Worship
Apr 5, 2013

WoW!!! Superhot hot!! I love Sexy bare feet,girl/girl and feet stuffed in pussies. Love the ladies. Don't stop please. AWESOME! Thank you!!

Foot Worship
Mar 20, 2013

Even though I love the lesbians and FULL FOOTING scenes, my favorite, the religious tones killed it for me. I agree with toesand tongue. I struggle with my sins amd love for Christ almost everyday and the last thing I need to think is that I'm going to hell because of a simple fetish that I have come to accept as a part of who I am. Please guys don't destroy my love for this site or kink in general. Right or wrong my thoughts. WOW!

Foot Worship
Mar 19, 2013

Lorelei Lee as usual comes thru for me with her sexy foot antics. The trampling was a nice touch although I wish you would have shed the nylons cause I love your sexy painted bare toes and very veiny slender feet.I would of love to see those sexy feet and toes working over her pussy while trampling your sub who by the way is very cute. Lorelei is deliciously cruel as usual amd even though I wish she would do more nasty things with her bare feet I take what I can get.Love you Lorelei. As far as foot doms go you rank right up the there with my favorites, Sandra Romain, Isis Love, Princess Donna and yes the Dragon herself and a few others. Bobbi with her sexy self is not bad either. I'm not worried about the safty of the girls because I know Kink puts that 1st before anything else which I love about your Models and site. Great job guys.

Electro Sluts
Feb 24, 2013

The foot fucking was the best.Not long enough but very good. I wonder how long the sexy Isamar would heve fucked her with it if Ariel had not yanked it out. Excellent camera work also keeping the lense focused on the foot action.Isamar's feet are very sexy. I liked the way Cheyenne yelled out "I never been foot fucked before". I hope in the future more foot fucking is added along with the fisting. For us foot lovers. So many bare feet at one time. I would love to see Ariel slip those boots and socks off and foot fist a few of the losers frme time to time. Anyway thank you Isamar for shoing us what your sexy feet and toes can do. Thank you Cheyenne for taking them inside you.Outstanding!!

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 24, 2013

Nikki Darling FOOTED by Lorelei who is one of the sexest women with her girl/girl foot/domination.I can't stand men in the shoots but it's worth it to catch Lorelei's foot stuffed in any womens pussy. Nikki Darling is awsome too. very cute. She has pretty feet also. Would have loved it if all the women in the bar would have taken turs stuffing feet in her pussy and mouth. Rubing them in her face. Trampling her body.Qny way aside from the men in the shoot, EXCELLENT!!!

Public Disgrace
Feb 24, 2013

i loved sandy and how she makes her suck feet while jamming her bare foot into Puma's cunt. very sexy my favorite girl/girl sex act. not enough of it.

Evil Angel
Dec 28, 2012

Put more lesbian foot/feet insertion in your shoots and you will have me as a customer for life. love you Donna

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