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Comments made by bunk

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Mar 19, 2007

Very Nice. Better than usual from Harmony on the Dom side. Loved the collar in the last couple scenes, and the use of it. Never enough collars here :)

Whipped Ass
Feb 8, 2007

Great chemistry, great reactions - well done. Always loved the idea of tieing off to the tounge stud.

Jan 28, 2007

Quite good. I'll echo the other poster in that I personally prefer scenes that are a little rougher, but the chemistry was very good here. Interesting set - it calls out for girls in the 60's version of the Star Trek uniform.

Whipped Ass
Jan 24, 2007

Wow. Fucking awesome. All I can say.

Jan 23, 2007

Just to add a comment regarding Nikki. I think part of the problem I have is her having the subs call her Miss Nievez. Most of the subs can barely spit out her last name and it sounds really awkward "yes Miss... Nyee..evez?" Whatever happend to good old Mistress?

Whipped Ass
Jan 12, 2007

That was quite good. A girl with a high pain threshold is intense to see once in a while. I don't agree with the above poster really, but I will say that some of Nikki's dialog gets a little too cheesy at times and pulls you out a bit. "Resistance is futile" for example.

Whipped Ass
Dec 28, 2006

I think that people should post if that have constructive criticism, but this Viewer guy makes one odd ball point about the bent back scene not being ideal - and he rates the whole thing a 2. Bizarre. Pinky isn't my favorite model in the physical sense, but her reactions are amazing and more than make her shoots worthwhile. Well done.

Nov 25, 2006

Well done, much better than most 1st timers. Sara is absolutely delicious and I'd love to see more of her. On a personal taste note, I'd like to see less bushiness, but that wasn't serious enough to hurt this shoot. Nothing hotter than a girl begging to be whipped harder.

Whipped Ass
Apr 28, 2006

Very nice bonus, well done. I've been in love with JJ since the Swan days and love to see more of her anywhere under the Kink umbrella. It wasn't exactly a wrestling match, but it was fun. One thing that did impress me about JJ - despite getting her ass kicked, she barely broke a sweat. Someone in that good a cardio shape might actually have some potential. I'm suprised you don't put the newer wrestlers up against one another more often to get some more even matches.

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