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Comments made by rwr80

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Jul 4, 2015

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! More of this, please!

Whipped Ass
Feb 19, 2015

Maybe next time.

Everything Butt
Feb 18, 2015

No strapon doggie DP.

Everything Butt
Oct 11, 2013

Yes! Great job both beautiful ladies. Cheyenne, you are awesome! Phoenix, you are a total goddess... Phoenix, you are so exceptionally sexy! The necklace and half body stocking was such a turn on....please make some more.

Whipped Ass
Jul 30, 2013

The right beautiful women to make the perfect strapon doggy DP....Would have made the best porn EVER! Still.. good job ladies, you are the tops. :)))

Everything Butt
Jul 20, 2013

Great! Great! Great! More of this please!..?

Wired Pussy
Jul 9, 2013

Would a strapon DP doggy every once in a while be out of the question???

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 5, 2013

Now that was GREAT!!! More of that please. WOW!

Electro Sluts
Mar 3, 2013

Strapon doggie in bondage....where was that??? Missed the perfect chance for it.

Whipped Ass
Jan 3, 2013

More all girl stuff!! That is why I have kept my subscription current!! Way to go!!

Everything Butt
Nov 15, 2012

Very,very good shoot!!! Ariel and Francesca are PERFECT together! The DP was right on...please do more of these. The fishnets and stockings were a great choice too. Nice to see a few all girl shoots lately as well. Way to go!! The DP scene really made this a perfect shoot.

Everything Butt
Nov 6, 2012

doctorrosen is correct, a doggie style DP would have really made this shoot. Everything was just right... the right women, the right wardrobe. Ariel is soooo hot as a domme!! Still good though, thanks ladies!

Whipped Ass
Mar 10, 2012

Yes, susan_reba is right on. Some strap-on would have been awesome. Great shoot! Beautiful ladies.

Electro Sluts
Nov 25, 2011

THANK YOU Ladies!!! More of this please. Julia Ann is SMOKING hot! Good performance by all. :))))

Whipped Ass
Oct 12, 2011

I am on board with Ibrox90,ertgbgt,Larkspur, and Bristol40. Things have been kinda going downhill for a few months now. You have the talent available to make the best stuff EVER, but it seems like this site is not realizing it's full potential.

Everything Butt