hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Jun 9, 2008

The cattle prod scene was the best ever.Her look of terror was not put on and was dramatic and intense.Julie is the best! Please put her on a stretching rack verytaut and with her beautiful thighs parted wide and give her another session with the prods.

Wired Pussy
Mar 14, 2008

Gianna is the best! not only is she superbly beautiful but she is an expressive actress as well exhibiting courageous defiance as well as fear and submission with her torturer. This is rare among bondage models today.By the way the lighting was excellent for each scene, particularly the single overhead ceiling light for each torture presented.Also, Sargent did a good job with the early dialogue as Gianna discovers what is in store for her. It was here she did her best acting job, in my opinion. However, next time she is on the roller device turn the drumwwheel so she can be really stretched medieval style. Thanks much

Water Bondage
Mar 11, 2008

Harmony is beautiful and Daphne is a superb and perfect torture victim. Perhapes in the future Dahne can be mounted on a much larger cable drum with her ankles tied to eye bolts in the floor and her wrists stretched above her head like a medieval torture rack. The effect would be devastating, given Daphne's luscious figure.you did something like this with Christia Carte in "waterbondage" and I fainted dead away.Thanks to Harmony and Daphne.

Whipped Ass
Feb 1, 2008

Grear!Darling is superb as always. The suspension where she is bent backward is a variant of the Algerian Hook torture as seen at Mde. Tusssaud,s in London. Please more replications of medieaval torture such as the rack and wheel with beauties such as Darling featured