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Jun 11, 2014

Happy to see I'm not just being pedantic about it, you guys all feel the same way! I'd like to see more switching, one gets fucked with a strap on, and then the other. And longer strap on scenes, sometimes they can be a bit short, but other than that, you've managed to keep me subscribing!

Everything Butt
Jun 10, 2014

Doctorrosen, not every update is going to be exactly what you want, there's many other people here that love this update, me included. If you have such a specific set of guidelines as to how all shoots must go, maybe the diversity of models, positions and sets is not right for you. Not every shoot is to my taste (indeed, strap on anal doggie style is what I look for too), but a lot are, and when they aren't, I don't go on ad nausem about it. Veronica, keep doing what you do best, it's exactly why I subscribe. And Katrina, you did a fantastic job, hope to see you again!

Everything Butt
Jan 9, 2014

Great update, as long as you have great performers like Ariel and Syren and strap on anal, then I'll keep subscribing! More storylines, more variety in costume, sets and toys and more great anal performers wouldn't go a miss either!

Everything Butt
Jan 8, 2014

@ertgbgtr, I'm sure Krissy Lynn is tough skinned enough to not give a single fuck what you think of her, but it's nasty people like you that give others body image issues. Glad you've cancelled, now we don't have to read your comments. I thought this was a brilliant shoot, Krissy Lynn is easily one of my all time favourite pornstars, and Angel Allwood takes it like a champ. Keep up the good work guys, shoots like this are why I keep subscribing!

Everything Butt
Dec 18, 2012

Best update on Everything Butt in a long while! It had everything, hot models, stunning dom, great chemistry and intense anal. Keep up the good work!

Everything Butt
Nov 23, 2012

Bit disappointed. Couldn't this shoot, with a fantastic dom and two stunning subs, streched to some strap on? A little bit of a tame video, the subs could have been put through a lot more. Usually enjoy the weekly updates! Hope next week is better.

Whipped Ass
Aug 20, 2010

I wish perfect was the best option and not great because this was perfect! The intimicy and the raw passion, the setting, the way Donna dominates her sub, Maitresse being an absolutlely epic sub even though the domme in her is still there, the shoes (one of my favourite things big shoe fetishist)... Maitresse, you will be the best director Whipped Ass has ever seen!

Whipped Ass