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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Nominated for Best BDSM Release AVN Awards Show

Comments made by ebcmd

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Aug 23, 2010

The chemistry is great. However, whoever started the porn trend of spitting on a pussy or dildo should "...be strung up with a rope on a tall oak tree." (Just like it says in the Willy Nelson Toby Keith song "Beer for my horses".)

Whipped Ass
Aug 22, 2010

The "swing" comedy is at 21:27

Sex And Submission
Aug 21, 2010

Directors -- it's time to stop the spitting. Somewhere in the past some brain-dead porn actor/actress decided that spitting on a pussy/cock/someone was hot. Let me tell you that it's NOT. Buy some damn lube. If you are too cheap, then take it dry. When I watch this stuff with My girl, nothing ruins our mood faster than watching someone hock up a bunch of spit. Drool from a ball-gagged slut? That's better because the poor little thing really can't help herself.

Whipped Ass