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Comments made by diogenes

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May 24, 2006

Well nuf said bout the wrestling. However, this was the best most erotic and sexy fight yet on this site. Sure Round 4 is what it is everytime but in this fight round 4 began in round 1. Of course the Pirate was awsome and I dare say, quite turned on. Justine is beautiful and sexy and who cares if she can fight, she does the best 4 rounds of love making on this or anyother site. I am sorry but the true result of this match is that both ladies lost because we all watching really WON!!!!!!

Ultimate Surrender
May 24, 2006

This might not be the place but if I may, I would like to talk to Wenona a moment. I have just finished watching all of your currently posted matches. You clearly have the potential of being the #1 wrestler on this site. You have been told over and over about your defensive posture, protecting your pussy, etc. I agree but this is only 1 symptom of your problem. Your strongest asset is your upper body strength, perfectly illustrated by two events, your opponents need 2 arms to move one of yours and in your match against Issis, you were very surprised when she just let you have the 5 points for the arm wrestling. You showed your frustration with "always" being on bottom for the restarts but you should not be, in almost every case your opponent uses the hand on your stomac to bring you down. You can use this against them using your strength! When you here go grab that arm on your belly hold on tight and either stand up and put her down or roll to your right bringing her with you and take control. For now the last point I would like to make is that you are in better shape than most of the other ladies, use it you waste energy protecting your pussy. All your opponents know this so all they have to do is get you in a hold and then put all their weight on you, they rest somewhat while you tire yourself out so by the 3rd round they score more points. You keep talking about using your legs, true you need to but I would first rely on my upper body then develope your legs, for now use them to balance your upper body efforts and you will start winning. You already posses the most important item necessary to win, your attitude. Know that I am your #1 fan and will be behind you no matter the outcome.

Ultimate Surrender
May 20, 2006


Behind Kink
Dec 13, 2003

everytime the same things a little bit wipping and a lot of dildo arghhhhhhhhhh rename this side dildo fuck and fake wipping

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