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Comments made by CentreCounty

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Nov 15, 2010

If we are going to really keep down this femdom road, can we at least get some realistic scenes without rehearsed or scripted scenes seeming so glaring. Look, this site needs us the customer, we can go anywhere....At least we could see some fresh faces being the dominant ones, really acting out some true domination of the local ilk or whomever. Not porno girls looking to see how widely all her orifices can stretch, or how much they can laugh and giggle before and after each shoot.

Whipped Ass
Sep 18, 2010

Weyoun....I agree whole-heartedly. It seems they are just going through the paces to make tape, and get their time in. It would be nice to truly see some scenario's involving a domination of a wife/cuckold - fake rape - or some real hard taboo scenes. The rubber dicks as a whole are getting old.

Whipped Ass
Sep 17, 2010

I like her look, but if you look at some older MM vids, she was much more toned than recent vids. Anyone notice that....I would also agree that this site needs some frsh attractive faces, on both sides of the strapon. I miss Sandra Romain. Best Dom ever for my money.

Whipped Ass