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Comments made by Wayne95136

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Jan 24, 2011

I two thin Isis is fantastic - but do question what give her to right to fuck and humiliate the loser in Round 4 ? Here is a noval idea what if in one of the Round 4 both the winner and loser turn the tables and get to fuck Isis now that would be hot.would love to see someone give Isis the sames abuse maybe even being fisted like she seems to enjoy doing to others

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 19, 2011

Can't wait for round four. I am hoping this time there are no excusses and Bella and Tara are given the fucking of their lives. Would be fantastic to see the losers dripping with sweat hair a mess and being fucked in the ass. So hoping Isis will join in and show everone just how brutal she can be-- Someting live the day of Syd and also whats wrong with abuseing both of the losers huge tits

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 11, 2011

As much as I enjoy Ariel wheh she wins it even better when she loses especially in Round 4 So hoping she loses this match and we get to see her fucked in the ass.Would love to see Isis join in and give her the fist as she has done to so many others. ALSO HOPING SHE WILL HAVE HER HAIR OUT OF THE PONY TAIL AND BEST OF ALL AS NEver before she is dripping with sweat

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 3, 2011

She is the best of the best- only thing missing was to have her hair out of the pony tail and her body driping with sweat - It was fantastic to see how swollen her nipples were after being released from the straight jacket

Device Bondage
Dec 28, 2010

The Round 4 is why I keep my membership. what and total beat down of the losers. Loved to see the PdRINCESS GET ENVOLVED. Hate to see Tia lose but love her with her hair a mess and getting fucked in the ass.Has anyone noticed how swollen her nipples get when she is being abused ??

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 22, 2010

Wow what a fantastic match- I must say however I am pleased that Tia and Wennona lost -- Reason being it great to see them get used and abused in Round 4- Speaking of Round 4 hear is a new idea now about making one of the loseing partners ass fuck the other - also hoping that we will see Princess Donna getting envoled in the punishment of Tia and Wenona in Round 4- Hoping we will see more abuse of Tias tits and also more bodies dripping with sweat. Also both Tia and Wenona loook so hot with there hair down hoping that will happen

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 17, 2010

This is the best newbee to date - So hoping she will stay around and we will see her on other sites. Next time if she loses maybe she will even take it in the ass. Tia as always is so so hot-- do wish however in round 4 she would spend more time abuseing the losers tits Also Tia look so very very sexy with her hair down and would add allot is she got so inti it her body is dripping with sweat

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 16, 2010

I agree this is the one we have been waiting for-- Nice to see a newbee lose and agree tot ake it in the ass- I wanted to know if there is a time limit on round 4 ??? Would there ever be a chance the loser in round four would have clotes on that could be ripped off her or cut off alsoin round 4 we need to see more abuse given to the losers tits Its strange the women are really getting into it under hot lights but seldom do we see their body dripping with sweat also whats wrong in round 4 to have both girls take there hair down

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 15, 2010

Wenona love it when you get so into it your body is dripping with sweat Hot Hot Hot Would love to see you in round 4 with your hair down- Hoping next time in round 4 you will pay more attention to abuseing the losers tits

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 10, 2010

Now thats my kind of round four. Nice to see the loser FINALLY get fucked in the ass. Only thing that would have made round 4 would be tinker bell with that sexy blond hair all over and both girls dripping with sweat

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 24, 2010

This is exactly what I have neen waiting for. Both lady dripping with sweat and their beautiful long hair a mess. would like to have seen Dia working more on Wenonas tits in round 4. Also thought Dia let her off the hook by not fucking here in the ass> Waiting for next week when Dia takes on the Dragon. Would love to see her destroy the Dragon in round 4 like Dragon did to Isis. Would love to see the Dragon fucked in the ass and fisted .

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 21, 2010

Can't wait for Round 4 -- Will Isis get the ass fucking she so richley deserves. Both Isis and Tia have beautiful long hair -so hoping we will get to see both with it down - Also looking forward to seeing both being forced to suck the winners cock- Hope they will deep throat so we get to see the drool dripping down on their fantastic tits - It seems ovious we will get to see Tia getting fucked in the ass-Most everyone if hoping to see Isis get ass fucked also - If not at lear hoping she will get fisted -- Lets make this a Round 4 thats brutial to the losers like Syd would

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 15, 2010

This is what I have waited for-- Sence Syd left no one untill now has been so brutal in round 4. Way to go Isis- Now it time for Isis to face Dragon Lilley- Based on the Tag team match up looks like Isis will have to performe for Dragon Lilley in Round 4 of their match going up. Know they are friend outside the ring hope DL will give her the fucking Isis so richley deserves . Wouldn't it be fantastic to see Isis huge tits being abused -her being fisted or better yet getting fucked in the ass. Pay back time Isis

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 14, 2010

Next for Rain will be ISIS. So hoping Rain will use and abuse her . So hoping Rain will win and give Isis the fucking in Round 4 we all have hoped for. This time maybe Isis will agree to being fucked in tht ASS if she loses. If not perhaps Rain will pay lots of attention to those fantastic tits of Isis

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 3, 2010

From Ultimate Surrender to Ultimate Joke -- Why in the world didn't Vendetta take Isis to task. Round 4 turned out to be nothing more than a Lesbian Love Fest. We all had hoped to see Isis get it in the Ass -- If hadn't been for Tia geting really fucked round four would have been a total waste

Ultimate Surrender