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Apr 18, 2013

Wow what a Hot exciteing newbee- Must say for as young as she is has a great set of tits and nipples -- speaking of which would have loved to see more rough treatment of them - would have loved to see clamps on them and how much weright could have been added - also the same on here pussey lips would have been a big plus Next time hopefully her body will be dripping with sweat-- was so pleased she4 took a plug in the ass - would love to see her in EVERYTHING BUTT - would she ever consider Ultimate Surrender ???

Whipped Ass
Apr 16, 2013

Any time I get to see Veronica stretched to her limit I love it- She has to be the hotest MILIF ever- would love to see her with Ava Devine - see who would take the biggest strap on in the ass- hope to see more of Veronica soon - how about spending a little more time working over those fanytastic tits and nipples - also would love to see her drenched in her own squirt juices

Everything Butt
Mar 21, 2013

OMG OMG I have waited a long time to see her being used and abused - Vernoica you have never been hoter in any film-- I have been a member here for quite some time and this is the BEST Ever. Please please come back soon -- would love to see you in Ultimate Surrender or whipped Ass as a sub-- Your nipples with the weights on them and your takeing it in the ass wow wow

Sex And Submission
Aug 15, 2012

Who was the gal in the white lacey dress - she looked so sexy - would love to see her in one of the shoots being worked over - this was an Ok shoot but very very little abuse of Justine was more like a cum fest

Whipped Ass
Aug 6, 2012

Must say I was disappointed-Angell has fantastic tits and nipples yet very little abuse was given them Also when she was fucked in the ass with the huge dildo would prefer no ball gag. Also whatever happen to the fact both get so into it their bodys are dripping with sweat??? How about reversing the role have Angell be the dom and Madeline the sub

Whipped Ass
Dec 28, 2011

WONDERING who was the hot wild chick in the striped dress.would love to see more of her . Never have figured out why Isis always gets a turn to abuses losers when not in the contest??would be exciting sometime to see all 4 wrestlers turn on her and give her what she normally hands out And Isis what up with those silly long socks and you have such beautiful long sexy hair why tie it up

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 30, 2011

OMG how fantastic Julia was in this role--- loved seeing an older women being dominated Perhaps there will be a sequal where she turns the tables on her step daughter- Only negative comment would be I would like to have seen Julias body drenched in sweat and also those fantastic tits and nipples takeing more abuse -- her really being flogged and caneed so the marks really really showed--- her being fisted or taking it the ass much soon in the role

Whipped Ass
Nov 17, 2011

OMG this was so fantastic Have waited a very long time to see her tied up-- Must say would have love to see her nipples really being worked over -- AND WHAT WAS IT WITH HER CHEWING GUM --also would like to have seen her with her hair down and her body drenched in sweat wonder if she would ever let herself be fisted

Oct 10, 2011

I thought this was fantastic-- Any time we get to see a model starting off with nice hair and makeup then when sdoaked with water turned into a wet mess I love it

Sex And Submission
Jul 8, 2011

Wow what a round 4 Loved it when Isis joined it -- would have loved to see more work done on Chloes tits and nipple--also wounder if she will EVER take it in the ass. Rain well what can you say she is so owesome-- So hoping in her match with Ariel she totallly our scores her and in Round 4 it will be a day from hell for Ariel would love to see Rain win and be as brutal as the days of Syd would love to see Ariel with her hair a mes dripping with sweat and being fucked in the ass

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 7, 2011

Round 4 what can you say but fantastic. Love as usual to see Wenona used and abused. Love it when she gets dripping with swar and that beautiful hair all messed up. Gia OMG loved it when she squirted then had it rubed all over her. This girl must love being fisted as we have seen her take the hand more than once . Next time would love to see her tits and nipples more abused

Ultimate Surrender
May 10, 2011

Must say it was a pleasure seeing Ariel fianlly getting what she so often gives out. The best part was seeing that huge dildo being driven deep in her ass then her squirting all over herself. Also loved seeing her hav e to lick off the didldo which was just in her ass. Also the seen wher she was soaking wet from the shower was one of the best ever. any time I can see ariel dripping wet from sweat or a shower it a real turn on More Pleas

Whipped Ass
May 6, 2011

Must say even though I hate to see wenona lose it fantastic when she does to see her getting destroyed in round 4. Did anyone notice right fron the start of round 4 her nippple were rock hard and very swollen.Also right away her pussey juices very following like river. Was great to see her getting her tits slaped and Isis getting 3 fingers into her right away. If ever there was someone who looked beautiful geting fucked in the ass wenoa is the one.Only addition I would have liked to ahve seen was her sweeting more and having her hair our of the pony tail

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 25, 2011

First let me say it took way to long for Isis to get totally naked. Secound would hav e liked to see more flogging of the subject. Would of also liked to see the clothes pins more directly on Lous nipples. So wish Isis would ahve fisted her as well. Best part was seeing Lou drool all over herself and been fucked deep in the ass. Please tell us we will see Lou again soon maybe even in Sex and Submission

Whipped Ass
Mar 18, 2011

Dia you are fantastic Loved seeing you get some of the same punishment you so often dish out== loved seeing you take it in the ass= also loved seeing your nipple nice and pink and swollen - woould have loved to see your body dripping with sweat though

Whipped Ass