Device Bondage presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 3
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Jun 20, 2012

Sheena rocks!! Amber dommes wonderfully and Karlo brings it home. Loved the verbal discipline and corporal. Best part was Sheena against the wall.

Everything Butt
Jun 19, 2012

nice teaser again!!! Cant wait for pain and humiliation day

Whipped Ass
Jun 9, 2012

nice. but worthy of TUF?

The Training Of O
Jun 7, 2012

Very nice teaser. Cant wait for the show!

Whipped Ass
May 26, 2012

good show. The sexual service is excellent but table service was lacking. Perhaps more table service training is in order?

The Upper Floor
May 17, 2012

One of the best ever from EB

Everything Butt
May 12, 2012

you go Lizzy!! This show was awesome.tons of spit slap name calling corporal and M/F ganging up on the helpless maid. I loved it. Glad you shot this one upstairs and not in the basement

Sex And Submission
Apr 29, 2012

Loved it!! However I am so curious as to how the shots of the bubbles in the toilet were achieved? Its a great angle and idea but how did you shoot that? Also loved the mean girls /good girls concept. Great show

Whipped Ass
Apr 25, 2012

Fantastic show. A very good start using Felony. I like the direction DB is going but I do hope to see some males using the models sexually also.

Device Bondage
Apr 25, 2012

Oh yes This is what I signed up for!!! Fantastic

Device Bondage
Apr 22, 2012

An amazing experience to watch. Great concept and story but the sound had too much echo. I realize in such a large room its difficult to capture the sound. But still a wonderful show.

Whipped Ass
Apr 18, 2012

Loved it

Device Bondage
Apr 14, 2012

I hope Sparky enjoyed the cheese!!

The Upper Floor
Apr 13, 2012

Loved this show. Great locale, cam angles etc. Totally disgraceful!!! Thanks Cassandra come back soon!!

Public Disgrace
Apr 5, 2012

Fantastic show. Loved the spitting,slapping and verbal humiliation. Lorelei took the lovely Jayden right where she needed to be. As far as the comment about the format and bringing in the man I vote absolutely. In fact bring the guy in earlier!!! For my personal taste, nothing hotter than a woman being dommed by a man and a woman. Great angles and cam,lighting and sound. Wonderful show

Everything Butt