Ultimate Surrender Presents - Rookie Cup Final - Squirting Orgasms in Round 4!!!
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Apr 4, 2008

Please get Annabelle back for more but with a better Dom. Actually, I dont care who the Dom is as long as Annabelle is forced to cum over and over and over. The faces she makes coupled with the most amazing sounds when cumming is better than watching squirting and I LOVE squirting. Plus, she has a perfect ass, great feet and an amazing looking pu$$y.

Whipped Ass
Feb 16, 2008

I couldnt wait for this update knowing that Sam is a squirter, and hopefully get to watch it forced out of her. Oh, how I was SOOO disappointed to see ZERO orgasms ripped from her. (however, his Charley Chase scene is the best ever) I dont know about other viewers, but I know which girls are squirters(thats what I like), and not seeing these girls have it ripped out of them is beyond disappointing. Its simple for you guys-tell the doms to get at least one TRUE orgasm.

Sex And Submission
Feb 16, 2008

The last scene is BY FAR THE BEST I have seen from 7 or 8 of your sites. I think my WA & WP will expire before her shoots are released but I GUARANTEE that I will re-up just for her shoots. All that I ask is more like this last scene and try to see just how long she can keep squirting.(Guinness World Record maybe?)

Sex And Submission
Jan 13, 2008

I was Extremely anxious and excited to see the "Squirting" orgasms but I ended up EXTREMELY Dissapointed when I saw the videos due to the ONLY Squirting happened WITHOUT the camera capturing it. Come on guys. I ONLY look for Forced Squirting Orgasms because they are the only ones I know are real and not faked(which is far too common).