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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by torretxt

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Mar 27, 2015

Cute girls and a better attempt than previous shoots BUT the street scene would have been better with an escort. The action in the bar was nice but vanilla with too much silent action. Gawd, I miss Princess Donna and Ariel X. They knew how to work a crowd.

Public Disgrace
Mar 25, 2015

Loved the clothespins. This was fun!

The Upper Floor
Mar 20, 2015

You hit the nail right on the head stvnhl and bad direction only makes this worse.

Public Disgrace
Mar 19, 2015

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC SHOOT. I love newbies learning the ropes so to speak. Brilliant performances by all and the house guests were fantastic as well.

The Upper Floor
Mar 14, 2015

I'm trying to be supportive but honestly a 90-year old man with Alzheimer's who forgot to take his Viagra could have taken this same basic plot and made a better shoot. Is Kink into making Silent movies now? The same old formula of over-done silent posing and unexplained sex in a shop seems to be going nowhere for the last three shoots. Cassie has much more talent than this so called "director" let her take advantage of. I mean no offense but put some effort into making engaging interesting shoots or get rid of this director. The shop changing scene had so much potential but was wasted. These latest shoots are so beneath the usual quality that Kink sites have been known to produce.

Public Disgrace
Mar 7, 2015

I just re-watched this a second time and this undoubtedly is one of the BEST Upper Floor productions of all time (and there have been a great many great productions in its history.) this shot had it all and I especially loved the extra attention to all the guests and the various side activities as well. What can I say? Cassie and Rilynn ROCK!

The Upper Floor
Feb 27, 2015

You've GOT to be kidding. 7 plus minutes of watching Jodi walk around a hill posing in silence then another 6 minutes of watching her sit in a flower shop again in silence - be still my heart! That's like reading War and Peace waiting to get to the good stuff in Chapter 276 only when you get to chapter 276 there's hardly any good stuff. You might as well start a new site and call it Public The director of these latest 2015 shoots might be good at directing vanilla porn but has little talent for BDSM. Believe it or not there are couples out there who LIKE to see and experience public embarrassment and humiliation. It's a real Kinky Lifestyle. This site used to attempt to cater to those of us into this sort of thing. You can tone down the force of your shoots but don't make them boring as Hell. Btw, Jodi did her best given the direction she was given.

Public Disgrace
Feb 14, 2015

Disappointing. The date of the shoot is Jan 2015. If this is the "new" Kink/Public Disgrace concept it lacks on so many levels. The entire first part of the shoot in the clothing store un imaginative and way too long and drawn out. The record store sequence was nice but over played/over acted. Most of the shoot was poorly directed with lots of dead silence and little if any action. Wenona was cute but that was about it for this shoot.

Public Disgrace
Jan 30, 2015

Very creative outdoor bondage. The double girl tie-up on the sidewalk as they were forced to try to strip themselves back to back was quite clever and the scene in the park was great. Thanks for another wonderful outdoor shoot from Spain.

Public Disgrace
Dec 20, 2014

Another GREAT outside bondage shoot! I loved the outfit Bianca wore. Very intriguing.

Public Disgrace
Dec 18, 2014

Outstanding story, incredible girls and wonderfully filmed. I loved Princess Donna's dress too- very elegant,refined and sexy as hell. I really like stories like these that add

Hardcore Gangbang
Dec 13, 2014

This is probably the best video Public Disgrace has ever produced. The girls on the steps were so genuine in their reactions and their laughter accentuated the humiliation factor exponentially! This shoot had it all. If there was ever a PD training film to serve as an example of how it should be done, this shoot is it. I'm really going to miss this site when it's gone and there will be no new shoots at the end of the year. Gee, Thanks Peter for stealing Christmas in 2014. ;-)

Public Disgrace
Dec 5, 2014

ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS! Great outdoor action. Once again Princess Donna was at her best getting the most out of Chiara. You guys could really make an entire site out of European shoots if you wanted to. Too bad you changed corporate direction. Here's hoping you'll reconsider your decision. It would make a great holiday gift knowing that there may be more sometime in the future!

Public Disgrace
Nov 21, 2014

What an AWESOME Shoot!! Lilyan Red is beautiful and Sandra Romain really got a lot out of her. The Dog bowl was priceless and the scenes of Lilyan bound to the pillar/flag pole were really nice. Of course the underground club scenes were in a class by themselves. Thanks ever so much for these episodes from Spain. These are some of the best shoots in the classic tradition of Public Disgrace. Oh how I wish there would be more of these someplace.

Public Disgrace
Nov 8, 2014

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! This is classic Public Disgrace at it's best. For those of us who are into Public Humiliation, this shoot had some wonderful ideas! Oh how I wish there were more of these types of shoots available somewhere.

Public Disgrace