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Jul 21, 2011

Just watched this very good shoot. Chemistry is what makes it good and there is real chemistry between my beloved Isis and her sexy lesbian sub, Candy. Great job and keep Isis cumming!

Whipped Ass
Oct 1, 2010

It's about time the Goddess dommed more than one sexy lady. Please bring us more!! Isis rocks!!

Whipped Ass
Aug 9, 2010

Matt, thank you for the great site. Isis and Dragon helped make this site a success. I really will miss the greatest entertainer in erotica and possibly overall, Isis Love. There are exotic sports cars like the Ferrari Enzo and there are super exotic sports cars like the Bugatti Veyron. There are exotic women like Kim K. and then there is Isis Love a super exotic woman. US will not be the same without her. Great match and thank you Isis for this brand of entertainment!!

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 20, 2010


May 24, 2010

Please don't take offence to what I say, but Isis is the sexist and most intelligent of porn stars. Why do you, Matt, need to be in any of the scenes when Isis is involved. This was a boring shoot. Give Isis full reign when she shoots. I do not understand why Isis does not have more 'Kink' control. She is a trooper and again the most sexy woman on earth! All the women employed at Kink are excellent, but Isis is above the rest she is BREAD AND BUTTER!! Matt, you do a fine job with your ideas keep up the good work. However, as a man, I do not want to see you in these shoots with Isis. Go Isis, my girl!! Also, can you edit out the building scenes and maybe with a shorter segment, all live scenes can be made available at one time. (who am I to be suggesting these things) ISIS ROCKS!!!

Device Bondage
Dec 15, 2009

Isis Love is Superwoman/Goddess. She needs a costume with and S on the chest. Kink, you gotta agree, she is super and deserves an S on her chest. TaraLynn you are super sexy!

Ultimate Surrender
Oct 23, 2009

Isis is phenominal. Love her SOOO MUCH!! I'm glad KINK realizes how important she is to their sites. Keep her coming!!

Whipped Ass