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Comments made by durkhiem

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Dec 10, 2010

Nika is fantastic because she often looks like she is into it. She is one of the best; only Sinn compares. No matter how attractive the models, lets face it, the sets and scripts are all painfully formulaic and routine. The models either bring chemistry, passion or acting to the shoot or they don't. If they do, then that is what makes the difference. Without that, these shoots just flash for a moment, bounce around for a few months in cyber-advertising and then fade out entirely and nobody regrets it when they do because another similar uninspired shoot will take its place here or somewhere else. Don't ever take talent for granite.

Whipped Ass
Jul 11, 2008

The worst yet

Whipped Ass
Mar 4, 2008

Perhaps minor points, but the interview portions of these matches seem formulaic in content and are not produced very well. Matt's voice is muffled, soft and garbled except at higher volumes. There is also an echo effect. Moreover, for the most part the girls all say the same things, which leads me to suggest that Matt should take a different approach to questions (we have heard too much on "what did you learn?" what did you think of your opponent?" What do you need to do to improve?). Ask different questions. Why not ask what did you enjoy the most in your win? To losers ask - what part of the winner's body did you see the most? (perhaps that's lame). Also, with some exceptions, the R4 actions are all pretty much the same; you could breath some small sense of authenticity into the presentation by asking the winner what she liked most (what position or technique) in R4. You could encourage each girl to develop a unique twist on a position or technique; or ask if they plan on developing a technique or position that they will make their trademark when they win?

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