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Comments made by Erthon

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Apr 10, 2015

The verbal back and forth was hilarious.

Ultimate Surrender
Oct 29, 2010

Thought I would watch the update today. So I log on and see a new name; thought, "this will be nice to see some new girl either probably get crushed or may, just maybe, will hold her own". Then I see that she is fighting Dia. Who decide to put the new girl up against Dia? I instantly knew that this would be a fight. Now my question is: should even bother to watch the match or just skip to round 4?

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 28, 2010

Finally got around to watching the whole shoot. This is hands down my favorite shoot that I have seen on WA. I loved Amber as a domm. I think she had the whole "bullie" thing down pat. Actually I felt she did such a good job that I felt a little intimidated just watching - unlike most of the other domms on WA who's efforts at intimidation come of a little commical - which makes Amber seem all the more sexy. I hope that Amber gets to do more shoots with WA as a domm; although she also does a remarkable job as a sub too. Damn hot!

Whipped Ass
Mar 27, 2010

I've been waiting a while to see someone do anal with a dildo gag! Awesome.

Whipped Ass
May 26, 2009

If you "have to" add a male H.Sapien into the mix, keep the winner in the mix. The winner is supposed to be the dom at all times; if a male H.Sapien is used it should be as a tool not as an additional dom. Anyways, I enjoy US because of the lack of male H.Sapiens, and would prefer if in the future it would remain female only (exept maybe during tag-team matches and then only breifly).

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 4, 2009

I was not trying to sujest that anything got edited out chronologically. What I was trying to say is that there are multiple cameras both filming the match and taking still shots. The editing I was referring too, is that only one camera's footage is being shown at any given time, someone has to deside which footage to used and which photographs to display. (I think only time that footage from both cameras was made available was for the 2008AUG29 match between Team Black ( Dia Zerva & Annie Cruz ) and Team Red ( Ariel X & Samantha Sin ) and then only for round four.) What I meant by "editing" is that no matter how unscripted and spontaineous the wrestling is, us viewers are still warching what someone else has desided we should see. Even the camera operators are editors to some degree, because they control the position and direction of the camera which limits what can be seen by the viewer; so we can't see a penetration shot if the camera isn't in the right position and pointed in the correct direction... Anyways, the main point is: There is more footage of the matches than is currently available online (i.e. With two cameras, only half the footage is available).

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 31, 2008

How about more penetration shots; for both pictures and movies. It would be nice to see what orifice is being violated, to see the strap-on (or whatever other object the victor deems appropriately devious) slide into the selected hole, and listen to the moans and cries of the vanquished as they get pounded, while us viewers watch the "ol' in-out" from the same angle that was used to show the act of penetration. Anyways, great job with what is being done with the site. Thank you Kink, and thank you girls for being part of the fetish-fantasy site. I find nothing to be as titillating and sexually stimulating as two naked females wresting each other for real (I think pretty much every other site that has nude female wrestling is usually cutesy, half-assed, and lacking of real effort), not to mention with grit and determination. That is what makes Ultimate Surrender my personal favorite erotic arts' website. One other thing. The movies that are posted are the editors' choice, and that means that they are probably the best pick of the clips - at the very least, in the minds of these gifted editors'. However, there is a good deal of footage and photos that are not available to the average viewer. It would be desired that to some degree additional footage be made available so that us the patrons of Ultimate Surrender be able to edit are own version of the matches. Thank you again for this beautiful work of erotic art. And those are my two cents.

Ultimate Surrender