Device Bondage Presents Summer Brielle is Bound and Tormented
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Comments made by mayberry

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Mar 23, 2011

Awesome shoot!!! Nice to see the tables turned!! We need more of Princess Donna!! Next up: Isis

Whipped Ass
Dec 24, 2010

Awesome debut for Saffron!! She started out with great energy and intensity, but Ariel is just way too tough!! Excellent Round 4!! Always nice to see the bigger chick take a pounding!!

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 27, 2010

Great to see Holly back this season. She's always been one of my favorites! Jesse shows alot of potential and will be fun to watch this season.

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 16, 2010

Great to see a couple of experienced wrestlers return.

Ultimate Surrender
Oct 28, 2010

I wish I had your energy, Jessie!! Awesome Round 4! Love the strap-on. You wear it well!!!

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 24, 2010

Great job finding another hot wrestler for your roster!! Chloe will be an excellent addition to US! Always a pleasure to watch Ariel in action. I hope the wrist injury is nothing.

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 28, 2010

Fantastic Match!!!! This tournament has been outstanding! The hype for these semi-final matches was well deserved! I thought the opening round was awesome with the rookies going at it, but Ariel & Vendetta show what 'Championship' intensity is all about. I'm hoping she'll face Dia for the first time, but a rubber match with the Dragon would be just as awesome!!

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 20, 2010

AWESOME MATCH!! Dia showed more determination tonight than I've seen from her in awhile! I honestly thought Wenona would knock her off. Loved watching their bodies glistening with sweat during the match! NOW THAT'S REAL!!!

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 13, 2010

Awesome win for the defending Champ!! Excellent conditioning!

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 7, 2010

FANTASTIC!!!!! POSSIBLY THE BEST MATCH OF ALL-TIME!!! Hopefully the rest of the tournament can live up to this high standard!!! With only the Dragon, Vendetta, Ariel, Darling, Dia and Wenona remaining, we can't lose!!!!

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 1, 2010

No big surprise here, Vendetta was given the easiest bracket. Can't wait to see her in action again against the winner of the Ariel/Darling match!

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 16, 2010

No big surprise here. Darling hsa much more experience, skill and confidence, and her competitive determination is matched only by her next opponent. The quarterfinal match with Ariel should be outstanding!!!

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 9, 2010

Isis was in great form again tonite! I like her chances against the Dragon, too. Unbelievable Round 4!!!!!

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 2, 2010

We have a dark horse emerging!!! Can't wait to see Wenona and Dia! This just keeps getting better and better!!

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 25, 2010

AWESOME MATCH!!! Can't wait to see Holly in the next round!!

Ultimate Surrender