hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Apr 20, 2002

Excellent job there ladies.

Whipped Ass
Apr 22, 2002

My sweet sweet lily, it was so good to watch you in this video. Since I know you from another site I know you can take a lot. One thing for sure Kym has a way of getting even the most stoic woman to break down and cry and you are no exception. You looked so pretty crying. I am so glad you did this shoot. I hope to see you with Kym again soon. Kym I just wanted to tell you, you have outdone yourself with lily. I love your head games you play. It is what I try to do when playing with little submissive. It gets them to a point where they don't know which way is up, an example of that was the end of this video while you had just slapped lily for looking at her breasts, she looked again while you were concentrating on the clamp you were trying to place on her breasts. When she realized what she had done the look on her face was priceless. Too bad you were so involved otherwise another slap was in order. But lily's face was something else, to me that is what it is all about. I am a true sadist at heart and get to live it out in real life as you do. I just don't have a website yet. Someday maybe. Be well Kym and lily. Mike

Whipped Ass