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Whipped Ass - Lesbian BDSM - Updated Weekly in HD

Comments made by evilash2009

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Apr 8, 2010

ABSOLUTELY FAN FUCKIN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lindy Lane is so adorablly cute and a real treat to see and most especially when paired with Princess Donna!!! Lindy really shows great promise with such intensity, passion and incredible orgams. Please, please, please Princess Donna bring her back and maybe increase the level of orgasmic response even more with this gorgeous model. A Perfect Score for this which will be difficult to beat especially since the Bobby and Vai scene was "OVER THE TOP", this shoot is absolutely incredible!!!!!! Just one more thing, MORE, MORE, MORE AND MORE!!!! Thanks Princess Donna!!!!!

Wired Pussy
Apr 2, 2010

I must echo the refrain that these two models are absolutely gorgeous. Felony certainly does not disappoint and Madison Scott is stunningly beautiful. However, would really like to see a different style and type of bdsm/fetish play and here are some suggestions. How about more extensive use of the sybian orgasmic love machine in which the model must endure two insertable vibratory and electrifiable toys with the domme or mistress teasing/pleasing the model to orgasm. Or how about some sensory deprivation play with a latex/rubber hood or the use of those blackout contact lenses to prevent the models from anticipating what is about to happen. Or how about the use of those green elastic castration bands on the models nipples or even the black latex tubing to accentuate and make the nipples protrude followed by a whipping session in which the domme or mistress tries to whip the bands off the models nipples either followed by or preceded by those clear plastic suction tubes for some cupping action to entice a milking scene on the models. Or how about incorporating a chastity belt into the shoots and locking a chastity belt on the model preceded by some remote activated and controlled insertable toys into the model to entice her to behave when in control of the mistress. It just seems that the last couple of shoots have been lacking something and I am only offereing suggestions.

Whipped Ass
Mar 25, 2010

Yes, this is an absolutely WEKID shoot! Would like to see more shoots like this with the intensity and the rapport between model and domme. Some other ideas would be to incorporate more extensive use of the sybian with internal probes inserted into the model's orifices, the use of a neo-steel or a my-steel chastity belt with insertable toys activated by remote by the domme, or the application of the black opaque contact lenses to prevent the model from anticipating what is about to happen plus that blank stare look that is so freaky, or maybe even the use of those evil green elastic castration bands on the models' nipples. This was an INTENSE shoot and would like to see MORE INTENSITY like this coupled with the previously mentioned scenarios. IT BE WEKID!! Just keep pushing the envelope of WEKIDNESS!!!

Wired Pussy
Mar 10, 2010

Excellent shoot, however would like to see the Mistress/Domme get really pissed off at one of the female slaves and severely punish her by locking her into a chastity belt with two internal plugs that are remotely activated to vibrate/shock the submissive female and simultaneously pleasing/teasing the model until she begs the Mistress/Domme for release via an orgasm. Except the Mistress/Domme continues to deny the submissive female making her service the other female submissives all the while entertaining the Mistress and her guests.

The Upper Floor
Jan 29, 2010

Absolutely LOVE Jade Indica and she cums so well with Princess Donna. One small comment and that is I miss Jade Incida's nipple piercings, she looks so gorgeous, kinky and erotic with those nipple studs adorning her nipples.

Wired Pussy